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Styling brush

A styling brush is really the most versatile brush you can imagine. This is your perfect hairbrush if you are looking for a brush that easily detangles your hair, gives it volume and curl definition.

What is a styling brush?

A styling brush is a hairbrush that offers many advantages due to its unique design. The pins of the styling brush are divided into several rows and contain a semi-cylindrical shape. The rows of pins are designed to detangle your hair with ease and the shape is made to give your hair volume. The styling brush is unique because of the quality to strengthen curl definition in your hair.

The benefits of a styling brush

  • Detangles your hair easily
  • Gives volume to your hair
  • Strengthens curl definition
  • Hair is easy to style

How do you use a styling brush?

You use a styling brush in the same way as a normal hairbrush. You start brushing your hair from the top of your year and slowly work your way down. If you have a lot of tangles, start working your way down the middle of your hair first.

Don't forget to remove your hair from your styling brush after every brushing. This way it will stay good longer and it will also be able to do its job better!

Other types of hairbrushes

Afro sponge : Suitable for men with an afro hairstyle

Denman brush : Suitable for all hair lengths and hair types

Detangler brush : Perfect to detangle your hair

Paddle brush : Suitable for men with (medium) long hair

Round brush : Perfect for creating volume, waves or curls

Scalp brush : Provides scalp massages for healthier hair

Vent brush : Quickly creates volume in your hair

Brush Cleaner : Cleans any hairbrush

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