Manicure set

Manicure set

One day you use your hands the most of your entire body. It is therefore so nice to treat and care for them extra well. Besides the fact that it is important to apply hand care anyway, it is also very nice to keep your nails up to date with a manicure set.

What is a manicure set?

A manicure set is a set with a group of different tools that can make your nails neat.

What's in a manicure set?

You will almost always find a manicure set in a case or tin. The basis of a manicure set always includes nail clippers , tweezers and a nail file. The more extensive your set is, the more tools you can find. For example, a manicure set is sometimes larger because it also contains nail clippers, skin clippers, cuticle care, etc.

How do you use a manicure set?

This may differ because different tools can be found in a manicure set. You start a manicure in any case by cutting your nails, which you then file with the nail file. After filing, push back the cuticles and moisturise your hands with a good hand cream or hand balm .


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