Since the beginning of this decade we've seen pomade return to the streets and it...> read more

Since the beginning of this decade we've seen pomade return to the streets and it seems stronger than ever before. The advance of the various...> read more

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Pomade is the most popular hair product for men in the Netherlands. With a pomade you ensure that your hair stays in good shape and therefore many hairstyles can be created with this fine product.

Since the beginning of this decade we've seen pomade return to the streets and it seems stronger than ever before. The advance of the various pomades is caused by the Barbers of Schorem (Reuzel). They are partly responsible for the re-entry of the pomade in the Netherlands. With Reuzel pomade as our national pride, pomade is nowadays the most popular hair product in the Netherlands.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is an age-old product that can give your hair a sleek, modeled look. With a pomade you will be able to style your hair without any problem in the most difficult hairstyles such as a quiff, slickback or a tight side part.

If you're asking yourself "what does a pomade do?" have asked, then this is the answer: modeling and straightening your hair so that your hair stays in shape all day long. By ordering a pomade you can be sure that your hair will stay in shape all day long.

The origin of pomades

The word pomade comes from the French word apple. This is because the former skin fats had this characteristic smell of this type of fruit. Pomade is originally a greasy hair product that found its great rise in the early 21st century. Those shiny hairstyles from the 20's to the 50's; that's pomade. Pomade has since never disappeared from the hairdressing world.

What types of pomades are there?

A pomade prevents your hair from falling apart into loose strands. Pomade is nowadays found in two main types: oil-based pomade and water-based pomade.


Oil based pomade

This is the classic among the pomades, the oil-based pomade for the ultimate shine and hold without getting hard. According to the stories, this pomade used to be made from animal fat, preferably from a pig (they call pork fat Reuzel).

The big advantage of this type of pomade is that it does not dry in your hair and therefore does not become hard. Your hair stays in place for days and is very easy to restyle. Oil-based pomade gives plenty of shine and you easily get that deep wet look that is typical of every classic Pompadour. The disadvantage of oil-based pomade: washing out is almost impossible.


Water based pomade

The more modern version is the water-based pomade . This type of hair styling is quite close to the oil-based pomade and has a very big advantage over the oil-based pomade. The water-based pomade is easy to wash out. The water-based pomades do dry in a bit, but don't harden; at least not as hard as the traditional styling gel. In addition, they contain a beautiful shine.

If you go for the deep wet look shine, a water-based pomade is not very suitable. Since it dries in slightly, the wet look shine fades in contrast to an oil-based pomade. The water-based pomade is a wonderful alternative and comes very close to the oil-based in terms of properties.

How do I use a pomade?

Always start with dry or towel-dried hair. A pomade works best if you warm it up between your hands. Take a small amount of pomade from the can and apply it to your palm. Then rub the pomade warm between your palms before applying it to your hair. When the pomade has warmed up a bit, you can now apply it and distribute it over your entire hair. You can now start modeling your hairstyle. You can do this with your hands for a slightly more natural look, or go for a sleek look with a comb or brush. If you notice that you have used too little pomade, grab some more and warm it between your palms. Depending on your pomade, your look will be smooth or matte.

The difference between pomade and wax

Pomade is, just like a clay , paste or wax , really its own product. Many people would like to compare a pomade with other products, but these are separate from each other. The difference between a pomade and wax, for example, is that a wax will dry more into your hair. Each product has its own charms and effects, which is why you will not get the same result with a wax, cream or gel as with a pomade.

Which pomade should I use?

This answer differs per person. There is a suitable pomade for every look. Would you like a natural look? Then choose a pomade with a light hold or a medium hold. Are you looking for a stronger pomade to keep your look in place through wind and weather? Then you better opt for a strong hold or even an extra strong hold.

Is pomade good for your hair?

A pomade is not bad for your hair. It is true that it differs per pomade whether it can actually give a boost to your hair. We always recommend purchasing a product with as many natural ingredients as possible. These ingredients not only ensure that your hair stays in shape, but that your hair and scalp itself are well cared for and hydrated.

What is the best pomade?

This answer will vary from person to person. For example, you have pomades that are more suitable for men with thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, dull hair, etc. You also have to think about whether you want a shiny pomade or a matte pomade.

Of course there are pomades that are by far the most popular. Think of a pomade from brands such as Layrite , Uppercut Deluxe , Suavecito and Reuzel

Our favourites

We have also put together our own favorites for you. To keep a water-based pomade and an oil-based pomade separate from each other, we have made a top 10 water-based pomade and a top 10 oil-based pomade for you.


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