Shaving gel

Shaving gel

In the end, we all have to deal with it: shaving your stubble. So one uses one beard trimmer and the other one razor . But that is at least as important as a good care product to make your shave more comfortable.

Shaving gel has many benefits and will certainly take care of your skin. Always choose a shaving gel with ingredients that are pleasant for your (sensitive) skin. That way you are assured of a nice, soft and neat result.


Is shaving gel necessary?

If you want to shave safely, you need a product to comfortably smooth your face. A transparent shaving gel ensures that you can glide the blade smoothly over your face without getting wounds or irritations. In addition, you will notice that a shaving gel also cares for and moisturizes your skin.

So is a shaving gel necessary? For a good shave, yes. Unless you like to walk with razor burn or plasters on your face. In that case alum your best staunch friend. But that seems unlikely to us.


How does shaving gel work?

A fine shaving gel for men may also do a lot shaving foam or shaving cream think. In any case, you apply it to your face in the same way. However, there are some differences between these products.

Shaving cream offers less protection for your skin and beard hairs because it contains fewer lubricating oils and fats. As a result, this foam variant is a bit cheaper.

The fine structure of a shaving gel provides good protection for your skin during wet shaving. If you take it a little less closely and you do not experience any irritation, then shaving cream can also work perfectly for you, of course. But: a shaving gel feels fresher and colder than the foam variant. We men experience this invigorating feeling as particularly pleasant and it therefore contributes to a comfortable shaving experience.

You bring shaving gel for sensitive skin easy on your wet face. After that you can go with a good one safety razor immediately follow the contours of your face.


What different types of shaving gel are there?

Of course you have different types of shaving gel brands, but we can roughly divide this into 2 types. You have transparent and non-transparent shaving gel for shaving. If you use clear shaving gel, you can see very well where you are while shaving. That is one of the great advantages of transparent shaving gel.

If you are not a fan of this, you can of course also choose to try the non-transparent shaving gel. Furthermore, there is mainly a difference in skin type with shaving gel, which can feel very nice. A good shaving gel for sensitive skin can be a bit more expensive than for normal skin. So check carefully what you need.


How should you use shaving gel?

First of all, we look at when you can best use a shaving gel. If you quickly suffer from irritated skin, shaving gel is the right option because of the excellent protection it offers the skin.

Heavy beard growth is also a reason to opt for a better shaving gel, because it gives the best coverage and covers every beard hair well. Even with oily skin, it is best to use a good shaving gel because you immediately care for the skin.

Furthermore, shaving gel is very easy to use. You should always make sure that you have sharp razor blades works for the best result. A good shaving gel offers sufficient protection, but by using blunt blades you do not use the benefits of your shaving gel. So change razor blades regularly.

Tip: Before shaving, we recommend that you first exfoliate your skin with a facial scrub . This will remove your dead skin cells and the razor will still easily go over your skin.


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