Alum is an ancient colorless or white crystal mineral with very special and protective... read more


Alum is an ancient colorless or white crystal mineral with very special and protective properties. This mineral is very popular, partly due to the... read more



Alum is an ancient colorless or white crystal mineral with very special and protective properties. This mineral is very popular, partly due to the very attractive price. Alum is suitable for many purposes, but is mainly known as the solution for shaving wounds.


What is alum stone and an alum block?

Alum is a very old mineral. Originated from compounds of salt, potassium and aluminum sulphates. Alum was already used by the ancient Romans as a precious purple fabric for nobility. The alum stone extracted from the mountains of Asia Minor is characterized by exceptional characteristics. Alum is a colorless and odorless mineral and appears as an opaque crystal. Why is this mineral so special? It has disinfectant and styptic properties.

Partly for this reason, alum is very popular with wet shave men. If you accidentally give yourself a cut, this stone is a true lifesaver. You tap the alum against the wound and you will notice that the bleeding stops very quickly. It is also an inexpensive deodorant. Very effective and works against unpleasant sweat odors. We'll come back to that.


What is alum stone good for?

Alum is actually a much better alternative to, for example, a standard aftershave or supermarket deodorants. Or for white towels if you've cut yourself again with shaving. Therefore, buying alum is a very good idea. It is a pure, honest and authentic natural product and made over the centuries by mother earth.

Especially after shaving , the block of mineral stone can come in very handy. If you have unconcentrated pushed the razor against your skin.

Due to the disinfecting effect, the use of alum does not cause inflammation. When you run an alum stick or stone over the facial skin after shaving, alum lowers the PH value of the skin, neutralizing any drying of shaving soap. Alum is suitable for every skin type. Also, it lasts a long time and never spoils! In short: alum stone therefore has excellent nurturing and protective properties. Actually, he should bear the title 'gemstone'.


Benefits of alum:

  • 100% natural
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheap
  • Odourless
  • Does not clog pores
  • Works all day
  • Not absorbed by the skin
  • No stains or stripes in your clothes
  • Lasts an awfully long time


Types of alum

Nowadays you have several choices when choosing an alum, nowadays alum is offered in stones, sticks and matches. When shaving, the alum stones (or blocks) and alum sticks are most commonly used. Alum stones last a very long time and are easy to use. Alum sticks are easy to carry and you can use a stick more precisely. You see the alum matches more often in professional use, they are used to stop blood locally.


How do you use alum stone?

Alum stone is very simple to use. With a shaving wound, you dab the stone or stick against the wound and that's it. As a deodorant, because that's what it is, wet the alum stone with water from the tap and pass the alum stone over the armpits a few times. If you use alum as an odorless aftershave, it works exactly the same. Unless your face is still wet from rinsing with cold water. You run the alum over the facial skin and the hair follicles will close. So skin care for men can also be very simple and actually very cheap.

Why use alum after shaving?

An alum block has a purely disinfecting effect. If you move the alum stone over the facial skin after shaving, the mineral binds to the proteins, causing the skin to contract. Then the pores close immediately. A wound stops bleeding immediately and you have no chance of infection. If you rub alum over the skin, it will give a refreshing tingling sensation. Because the skin follicles close, they no longer get clogged and it is also safer to apply a good day cream .


Alum as a deodorant

Using alum stone as a deodorant is also a good plan. This mineral is a very good replacement for the average deodorants. Alum deodorant is an extremely versatile product. Alum stone or an alum stick is actually a much better alternative to the average cheap deodorant products. Because: Alum has a very good antibacterial effect and does not spread strong odors as you are used to from AX or average NIVEA spray cans.

When you use alum as a deodorant, this mineral stone leaves an invisible, odorless and wafer-thin layer on the skin. This thin coating has a positive effect on the pH value of your skin. This makes it a No Go Area for the bacteria that generate a foul sweat odour. A purely natural deodorant . That's really nice.


What is in alum stone?

Alum looks like a dull and white crystal and falls under the category of pure minerals. For example, in its original form, alum is mined on the island of Ischia in Asia Minor. Most alums are made up of the ingredients: salt, metals and potassium aluminum sulfate. However, you are increasingly seeing that alum is also chemically made from bauxite. This is created by electrolysis.

Alum in its most natural form is also called the soda alum made up of sodium aluminum sulfate. Usually found in very dry desert areas. Finally, there is also an ammonium alum stone. This consists of aluminum ammonium sulfate. This variant is most commonly used in natural deodorants. So much for the chemistry side of the alum story!


Is alum dangerous?

No, alum is not dangerous. It is even a component of baking powder. It is possible that if you have sensitive skin and you use alum as a deodorant you will experience irritation. In that case, alum as a deodorant may be less suitable for you. Given the aluminum components, it is possible that your white shirts can get a yellow glow under the armpits.


How long does an alum stone last?

Alum stones are very economical and you only use a very small amount each time. As a result, an alum block often lasts for years.


How do you store alum?

Alum usually comes in a cardboard box or plastic container. You could keep it in here for years. Provided you don't handle this too roughly, put the alum back dry and store it in a dry place.


Where can I buy alum stone?

You can get alum at the average drugstore. Perhaps the supermarket also has a small line of alum. But it is best to go to the specialist. The Alpha Men in this case. In addition to styptic rock in the surf, alum is a cheap deodorant for men! Would you like to order alum? Just take a look at our online range.


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