Hair oil

Hair oil is, as you might expect, an oil for your hair. Hair oil...> read more

Hair oil is, as you might expect, an oil for your hair. Hair oil for dry hair is a real lifesaver as it nourishes,...> read more

Hair oil

Hair oil is, as you might expect, an oil for your hair. Hair oil for dry hair is a real lifesaver as it nourishes, repairs and makes your hair healthy. Hair oil can be used for all hair types and all hair types can expect many positive effects. Never underestimate the power of a good hair oil!


The benefits of hair oil

Oil for hair brings quite a few benefits. So it can solve many problems such as frizzy hair and dry hair. Below are some advantages listed for you.

  • Hair oil makes your hair soft
  • You will get more shine in your hair
  • Hair oil helps to calm frizzy hair
  • Hair oil will define curls more
  • Hair oil will stimulate hair growth
  • Your hair will be hydrated
  • Hair oil has a detangling effect
  • Damaged hair will be repaired
  • Hair oil protects against, for example, the sun


How should you use hair oil?

And now we hear you thinking, how do you apply hair oil? The great thing about hair oil is that you can use it on wet, towel-dried and dry hair. The effect is different, so always keep your reason for using hair oil in mind. It is also possible that different hair oils work in different ways, so always check the description. Most variants of hair oil work in the following way.

  1. Wash your hair beforehand
  2. Make sure your hair is towel-dried
  3. Spread a few drops of hair oil on your hands
  4. Apply it to your hair but avoid the roots! This will make your hair greasy
  5. Knead the hair oil into your ends
  6. Now style and dry it as you normally would
  7. Done!

How often should you use hair oil?

This differs per oil and per thickness of that oil. For example, one is suitable for daily use and the other is recommended once a week. Otherwise your hair can become much too greasy and this is of course not the intention. You usually use a hair oil 1 or 2 times a week, but look especially at the way your hair reacts. Then you'll find out for yourself soon enough!


Which hair oil is the best?

What is the best hair oil depends of course on various factors. For example, you have hair oil for dry hair, hair oil for curls, hair oil for frizzy hair, hair oil for shine, hair oil for frizzy hair, etc. A hair oil also occasionally differs per function. Think of hair growth, detangling, shine, etc. Therefore, filter well on the reason why you want to use a hair oil and on your own hair type.


Alpha Men's Favorites

Of course we have our favourites! And of course we will just share it with you.


Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Castor oil is also sometimes called castor oil. No wonder if you ask us, because this hair oil can work wonders. For example, this hair oil from Sunny Isle is known to stimulate your hair growth because it will intensely nourish your hair. This castor oil is also a real all-rounder and is also suitable for taking care of your skin.


Forte Series Argan Oil 

This hair oil is enriched with argan oil and contains a nourishing formula that will tackle dull and unruly hair. Your hair will become healthier and feel softer. Because this oil is lightweight, it is easy to apply and rinse out. Your hair is well protected with this oil for external influences and will be a lot more manageable.

Blumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil 

This hair oil will transform dry, stiff and unruly hair into a more manageable and visibly softer haircut. That's no wonder since this hair oil is enriched with 12 different natural oils and botanical extracts. Frizzy hair becomes soft again, dry hair is hydrated and dull hair will regain its shine.


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