Amber fragrances

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Amber fragrances

Amber perfumes belong to one of the most popular fragrance families in the world. These exotic, oriental scents are warm, spicy and sensual, and are often associated with luxury and sensuality.

The basis of amber perfumes is the scent of ambergris, a resinous substance produced by sperm whales. Ambergris has a warm, woody scent with a hint of sweetness. In modern perfumes, ambergris is often replaced by synthetic ingredients, such as ambroxan or ambrene. These offer the same warm and vanilla-like notes, but in a more sustainable and animal-friendly way.

In addition to ambergris or its synthetic variants, amber perfumes contain a complex blend of other ingredients, such as sweet vanilla, tonka bean, cinnamon, oriental resins, incense, sensual musk, warm woods and lush flowers.

Amber perfumes are very suitable for winter. The warm, spicy notes are perfect for the colder months. These fragrances are also perfect for special occasions, such as a gala or a night out, where they emphasize sensual elegance and luxury.


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