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The idea behind dyeing with Just For Men products is that you can... read more

The idea behind dyeing with Just For Men products is that you can get rid of your gray hair or hair with an... read more

Just for Men

The idea behind dyeing with Just For Men products is that you can get rid of your gray hair or hair with an unwanted color, but above all that you can keep the natural color of your hair. You even reinforce that with Just for Men. Your haircut (or beard) will retain its youthful appearance, which is what every man wants. Uncertainty is therefore a thing of the past.

Suppose you choose to use the hair dye or beard dye products from Just For Men, you actually have to take two things into account: which color you wish to use and which type of product you buy. We will talk about the color later. The two types of products from Just For Men are the Just For Men hair dye and the Just For Men beard dye.


Hair dye from Just for Men

With Just For Men hair dye, it's all about preserving your original hair color. With the various shades of hair coloring, there is always the right color to mask gray hair or unwanted colors. Please note that you should always only do one or two shades darker than your own hair color, otherwise you will end up with an unnatural look.

The Just For Men hair dye keeps a good color in your hair for about 8 weeks. The color will eventually grow out. You can quickly see when your hair color needs a refresher.

How do you apply Just for Men hair dye?

The Just For Men hair package is clear and simple. The package consists of the base color, developer, gloves and spatula. Mix the developer in the bottle in the color base so that you activate it. Then put the cap on the base color and shake it well. After waiting about 5 minutes you can apply it in your hair by massaging it in well, just like a shampoo.

Of course, use the supplied gloves. Be careful that the paint does not get into your eyes and try to avoid getting the product on your skin as much as possible. When you have reached all your hair, you can wash out the Just For Men hair dye after 5 minutes.


Just For Men Mustache and Beard Paint

Not only your haircut will suffer from gray hair or unwanted colors, but also the beard and mustache cannot escape it. In fact, your beard can suffer from those gray hairs earlier. Just as you dye your hair with the shampoo, you can also easily fix it with the Just For Men beard dye.

With the beard paint from Just For Men you can bring your haircut, beard and mustache back into one color line with a very natural end result, without you seeing that you have dyed it. There is a choice of 4 colors, from Just For Men beard dye black to dark blonde. A real Just For Men beard, but everyone will think that the color is just your own.


How do you dye your beard with Just For Men?

Applying Just For Men beard paint is in principle very easy but a precise job. Make sure you mix the chosen color with the supplied developer. By mixing this well, the color develops.

Make sure you get through your beard and mustache with the plastic gloves. Then let it soak in for about 5 minutes and then wash your beard with lukewarm water. You will be amazed at the beautiful color result Just For Men Beard paint shows.

Tip: Read our article ' dyeing beard ' for more information about dyeing your beard and what to look out for.


Can everyone use Just For Men products?

The products of Just For Men mustache and beard or Just For Men hair dye can be used by all men, however, the ingredients may cause allergic reactions. That is why it is very wise to always do a patch test before you massage it into your hair, beard and mustache.

With a patch test you can check whether the components of the product cause an allergic reaction on your skin. How do you do such a patch test?

  • Apply a small drop of the hair/beard dye at elbow height, in the back of your knee or behind your ear.
  • Leave this on for between 15/20 minutes and wash it off. See or feel whether a (violent) reaction occurs during that time.
  • Wait 48 hours to experience whether you get any itching, burning or redness
  • If there are no negative or painful reactions, you can safely apply your hair / beard dye