Boar bristle shaving brush

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Boar bristle shaving brush

If you like the classic wet shaving , a boar bristle shaving brush is an indispensable accessory. Pig bristles absorb a lot of water, creating a rich, thick shaving foam. The bristles of the pig are slightly rougher and therefore thicker, so they will provide a robust shaving experience.

A shaving brush boar bristles will develop split ends over time. This ensures an even finer and more comfortable shaving experience. A boar bristle shaving brush is therefore a friend for a long period of time.


Benefits of a boar bristle shaving brush

  • The sturdy boar bristles are robust and will therefore provide a solid shaving experience
  • The hairs contain massaging properties so that your skin is well cared for and stimulated
  • The boar bristles are known for their absorbent properties, creating a rich and thick foam
  • A boar bristle shaving brush is cheap to purchase
  • A boar bristle shaving brush will last a long time


How do you use a boar bristle shaving brush?

Make the shaving brush wet, but not soaking wet. Lather shaving soap or shaving cream with the shaving brush and lukewarm water in a shaving bowl . Move your shaving brush over your shaving soap in gentle circular motions. This friction creates a rich foam. Now pick up the shaving cream with your shaving brush and apply it on your face. Let the shaving cream work on your face for at least a minute so that the beard hairs become soft. This ensures that the shaving experience becomes a lot more comfortable and soft.


How do you maintain a boar bristle shaving brush?

When you treat your boar bristle shaving brush well, it will last for years. Therefore, always clean your shaving brush thoroughly after use. Rinse your shaving brush thoroughly with lukewarm water, blow it dry and then hang it upside down in a shaving brush holder . If you do this after every shave, a boar bristle shaving brush will last a long time in good condition.


What other variants of shaving brushes are there?

In addition to boar bristle shaving brushes, there are also badger hair shaving brushes and synthetic hair shaving brushes .



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