Eye concealer

Eye concealer

Some people have chronic dark circles under their eyes, others have had a short night. For both cases, an eye concealer is a true lifesaver. An eye concealer ensures that you look more awake, fresher and healthier.

What is an eye concealer?

An eye concealer is a concealer (light make-up product) that is specifically aimed at the thin skin under your eyes. The skin under your eyes is the thinnest area under your face and that is why an eye concealer is the best to get rid of dark circles.

Concealer is an English word that literally translates to 'mask' or 'conceal'. This of course also says something about the effect of the product, as it masks dark circles, blemishes or imperfections under your eyes. Your skin will look a lot more radiant after using an eye concealer.

How should you use eye concealer?

Using an eye concealer is fairly easy. An eye concealer is specifically aimed at using under your eyes. Therefore, you can apply some concealer under your eyes and then dab it out with your fingertips until it looks natural.

If you suffer more from pimples or imperfections on other parts of your face, a regular concealer is recommended. A concealer is still a light make-up product, so if you are looking for more coverage, a foundation or face powder is recommended. 

The benefits of eye concealer

  • Masks dark circles under your eyes
  • Makes you look more awake and fresh
  • Masks imperfections under your eyes
  • Specially developed for the thin skin under your eyes
  • Make your skin look even

How long does eye concealer last?

This can differ per product, but it is usual that a good quality eye concealer stays in place at least all day. Always read the description of the product to make sure you know what to expect.

The best eye concealer

Men have different skin than women, including under the eyes. Fortunately, there are brands that focus purely on men's skin. The top brand CARL&SON , for example, is a brand that focuses on make-up for men and is therefore also specialized in men's skin. The CARL&SON Dark Circle Eliminator is an eye concealer that suits the thin skin under the eyes of men.


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