Facial powder

Facial powder

If you suffer from blemishes, spots or impurities in your face, face powder is a great solution. Less intense than a foundation, it has a matte finish and is available in both colored and colorless.

What is facial powder?

Facial powder is a make-up product that makes impurities and imperfections less visible in your face. Your skin will look smoother, healthier and more vibrant. Face powder can be a lighter replacement for foundation, but it can also be used to finish and mattify your foundation .

Face powder for men is available in various shapes and sizes. You have compact powder in color, bronzing color and transparent color. The latter will try to match the color of your skin to look as natural as possible. Powder is available in several types of 'coverage'. Therefore always look at the description of each product.

Facial powder does not fall under the heading of facial care , but under make-up. This is because face powder does not address the cause of blemishes or impurities, but can hide them perfectly as long as you wear the product.

How should you use facial powder?

A powder can be used separately or after using foundation. Facial powder can be applied with a powder brush . Powder your entire face for a matte and natural effect. It is also an option to apply powder to places that you want to mattify or to places that just need a little extra attention.

The benefits of facial powder

  • Imperfections become invisible
  • Your skin becomes smooth and looks healthy
  • Face powder can boost your confidence
  • Your skin becomes matte and is very suitable for oily skin


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