Top 10 Fall Fragrances

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Top 10 Fall Fragrances

"Nobody on the road ... nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, the summer's out of reach." And with these iconic words from "Boys of Summer," we really do say goodbye to the summer of 2024. The leaves are turning, the chimney may be swept and the stews are back on the table. The colors and smells of the year are changing. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust your own scent as well. A fragrance that suits you and this time of year.


Perfumes belong to seasons

Your perfume will evoke an image. That is why we think a matching perfume is just as important as your outfit, shoes and hair style. With a perfume you radiate something. This "something" you radiate through the different fragrance notes in perfumes. For example, it is possible to smell classic, spicy, floral, bushy, fresh, sexy, warm or cool. When you are snuggling up a game ragout with your date in front of the fireplace, smelling like a tropical mango yourself will not be a nice scent combination.

Autumn calls to you to smell sultrier, heavier and darker. Call up that caveman in yourself, or the dark-smelling charmer. Here, of course, you still have plenty of choices in terms of fragrance notes. Mossy, earthy, spicy, incense, leather, tobacco, amber, smoke, vetiver, patchouli and so on. The trick is to make your fragrance fit you as a person and the setting around you. Bury your coconut perfume in a treasure chest on your favorite beach and don't dig it up again until 2024. It's time for whiskeys in front of the fireplace, campfires in the woods and stews with beer.


Generate interest through variety

If you are a man with a signature scent; kudos! You are recognizable and people often say "this really smells like you. Sounds nice, of course, but how nice is it to surprise once in a while?

You don't smell your own perfume after x number of minutes. It works the same way with people around you, you simply don't surprise anymore, no matter how nice your signature scent is. All the more fun it is to arouse interest again with a new fragrance that also suits autumn.

Your new scent will be noticed (for example, by your date), you are sending a signal, a new impression. Just assume that the compliments will flow in again. Always nice for your self-confidence ... and sometimes a little for your ego, of course.


Which fragrance notes suit me?

Fragrance notes are very personal, so it is hard for us to decide for you. However, we can give you tips to find out for yourself. For example, do some research. Look up your favorite perfumes and look at their top notes, base notes and heart. Do you see a similarity? Are certain notes more appealing to you, such as patchouli or amber? Then you already have a start and can start filtering through the perfumes you are interested in. To delve even deeper, you can of course always read reviews in various online platforms. Here it is often indicated whether a perfume fits for summer, fall, winter or spring. That way you can be sure how "your audience" will experience your new fragrance by time of year. We can't say it often enough, your floral jasmine scent will really be perceived as less delicious with a cigar in front of your fireplace.

Follow these tips and you'll end up with your personal "perfect match." And we're not talking about Tinder, but your perfect scent for fall!


Top 10 men's perfumes for autumn

Now it's really time to bring our favorites to your attention. Time for the top 10 men's fragrances for fall. These fragrances have great reviews, are of good quality and have surprising (and appropriate) scent notes that are perfect for this wonderful time of year.

We hope you found some inspiration! Still have questions? Know that we are always here for you. You know where to find us.

The fall of summer is the rise of fall!

Your friends, The Alpha Men