Foot cream

Foot cream

If you suffer from dry, rough feet or calluses and cracked feet, then using a foot cream is the ideal solution.

What is foot cream?

A foot cream is a cream that ensures that your feet stay in good condition. You will certainly no longer suffer from dry or rough feet due to the moisturizing and soothing effect of a foot cream. Foot cream will prevent blisters and give your feet a good refresher. Bad odors are also often masked by using a foot cream.

Why use foot cream?

  • Relieves rough and dry feet
  • Prevents calluses and cracked feet
  • Helps prevent blisters
  • Masks bad odors
  • Hydrates and softens your feet

How do you use foot cream?

Apply a little foot cream to your hand and warm it in your palms. Then you will massage your feet with the foot cream until it is slightly absorbed. If you find that you have used too little on dry areas, apply some extra foot cream.

If you notice that you need extra foot care , the use of a foot mask or foot powder is also recommended. If you suffer from calluses, the use of a plume stone is recommended.


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