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Shaving bowl

What is a shaving bowl?

Shaving bowls are made for whipping up a nice thick and airy foam from, for example, a shaving soap or shaving cream. Once you have applied a little shaving soap, shaving cream or another shaving product to your damp shaving brush, you can use a shaving bowl to whip up your shaving product. This way you are assured of a nice and comfortable shave!


How do I use a shaving bowl?

First of all, wet your shaving brush with warm water and apply shaving soap or shaving cream to the brush. Then you turn the shaving brush around in the shaving bowl to start whipping up a nice and airy foam. Is the foam frothing well and do you no longer see the consistency changing (this can take up to about a minute)? Then you have a nice foam and you can start applying the foam on your face.

Does your foam in the shaving bowl still remain very stiff and thick? Then the foam needs more water. Therefore, add about a teaspoon of warm water to the foam and continue beating until a foam is formed that is light, glossy and has a texture similar to whipped egg whites (or slightly looser than that).

If you have accidentally added too much water, large air bubbles will form in the foam that you cannot knock away. You could add a little bit of shaving soap or shaving cream right now, or you can start over. Foam that is too wet does not shave well and dries out quickly on your face.


What material is a shaving bowl made of?

A shaving bowl has many different materials. There are shaving bowls made of various types of wood such as alder and ash. In addition to wood, there are also shaving bowls made of porcelain, shaving bowls made of stainless steel, shaving bowls made of plastic and shaving bowls made of copper. The most common shaving bowl colors can vary between wood color, black, white and stainless steel color.


What brands of shaving bowls are there?

There are many shaving brands that have also designed and marketed their own shaving bowls. Take, for example, the shaving bowls of the well-known brand Mühle; this brand produces shaving bowls of different materials such as the black porcelain shaving bowl . This shaving bowl has an extra high edge to create a large amount of foam without spilling. Specially designed for the shaving soaps from Mühle itself.

Do you prefer to whip up your foam in a wooden shaving bowl? Then you could choose the shaving bowl from The Goodfellas' Smile . The shape and depth of this shaving bowl guarantee a nice, full and airy foam. The bowl is brown with golden wood colors and is made according to traditional methods.


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