The best razors for men

Really good razor blades are often undervalued. You don't have your hair trimmed with a hedge trimmer either, so why should you shave your skin with a disposable razor? That era is over if it's up to us. It's time to move on to the best razors for men. And we already reveal: that does not have to be a robbery on your wallet, on the contrary.

De beste scheermesjes voor mannen
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The best razors for men

Really good razors are often underrated. You don't get your haircut trimmed with hedge clippers either, so why would you shave your skin with a disposable razor? That era is over if it's up to us. It's time to switch to the best razors for men. And we'll reveal in advance: it doesn't have to be a drain on your wallet. Quite the contrary, in fact.

What to look out for when buying new razor blades

When shopping for a new razor blade, it is important to keep in mind what is really important. To get right to the point: it's not the look.

The sharpness

Normally now we are going to list for you some points that are very important to look out for when buying. This time we're going to take a slightly different approach. For there is only one hugely important point. And that is the sharpness of your razor. Sharpness says everything about comfort. If your razor is not sharp enough, you will experience a lot of ailments. Wounds, irritations, razor burn, pulling skin, you name it. All these negative issues can be prevented by using a sharp razor.

To determine the sharpness of your razor, a veritable "sharpening scale" has been designed. All razors must indicate a rating from 1 to 5. Here, 1 is the lowest sharpness and 5 is the highest. Just pay attention if you want to buy a razor. A sharpness should be indicated here all the time. Not indicated? Junk, get rid of it, run.

Beginners often choose a low scale, but this is not always recommended. Sure, if you're 12 and want to shave off a stray hair of fluff for the first time, yes. But that's where it stops as far as we're concerned. If you've shaved before, you know how to do it. So why not just use a good razor? Our motto at this point is: "the sharper the blade, the less stress."

What else to look out for?

Okay, there are a few more points besides sharpness. For example, you may find it important than your razor is durable. Is less expensive and also better for the environment. But again, if your razor is sharper, it will also last longer.

Also, of course, it is nice if your razor is on sale for a good price. Always look for razors that are in your price range. The funny thing here is that in the supermarket or drugstore the blades are often more expensive (!) than when you convert what a single-or-double edge blade costs. So calculate what it actually costs and don't be tempted by the price you see on the price tag. If you use it for a lot less time, you'll end up spending a lot more money afterwards.

What razor blades are there?

The choice is vast. You will have to buy a razor that best suits you, your look, your hair type (or beard length) and your lifestyle. We can never say, "This is the best one for you!" if we don't know further details. Therefore, we are going to highlight some different blades. Then you can make your own choice.

Double edge blades

Double edge blades, as you might guess, are sharp on two sides. The polished, stainless steel blades offer quality and comfort on two sides of the blade. Double edge blades are hassle-free to place in a safety razor or shavette. The reason you can also use it in a shavette is because the blades are easily broken in half. So then you actually have two single edge blades, but from one blade!

Many barbers use double edge blades and for good reason. The blades are razor-sharp and easy to use. Another big advantage is that they are incredibly inexpensive. On average, the blades are about 10x cheaper than a cartridge blade. As far as we are concerned, the best razor blades.

Advantages of the double edge blades:

  • Provides a very comfortable shave
  • Because they are sharp you need to shave less often
  • Less risk of irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc.
  • Versatile: both to use in a safety razor and shavette
  • You save a lot of money (10x cheaper than a cartridge)
  • Durable. The blades can be thrown away

Single edge blades

Single edge blades are sharp blades primarily used in a shavette (also known as the 'open barber knife'). A single edge blade can be seen as a single double edge blade. In terms of sharpness and quality, the single edge blade is exactly the same as the double edge blade. Therefore, the advantages are the same as the list above. Therefore, for us, the single edge blades fall under the "best razor blades for men" category.

Cartridge blades

Okay, you can shave fine with a cartridge blade but we do not prefer this. The cartridge blades have more blades than the single or double edge blades and therefore have more impact on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, your skin will be irritated or pulled. However, the cartridge blade is handy if you are going away for the weekend. Keep in mind that these easy razor blades are a lot more expensive than the single or double edge blades.