Shaving oil

Shaving oil

Shaving oil nourishes and softens your skin and will leave your skin and facial hair in good condition. We dare to say that shaving oil for men is an essential oil for the care of your skin and (facial) hair.


How does shaving oil work?

Oil has been used for shaving for centuries. It provides a layer on the skin, nourishes the skin and makes hair softer. The oil will ensure that your razor glides smoothly over your skin. Your skin will also be better protected against razor burns and irritations. This makes it ideal for shaving sensitive skin . Another advantage of shaving oil is that it contains less harmful and chemical ingredients than others shaving products . Shaving oil for women is of course also available! Just choose an oil that cares for and that does not contain an excessive odor.


Why use a shaving oil?

Using a shaving oil generally takes less work. you don't have to foam up shaving soap or cream. You can also see better what you are shaving because it is a transparent product. This makes it ideal for shaving sideburns and mustaches. Many men also use a shaving oil because it does not contain any chemical ingredients such as a shaving foam from a bus.


What is the advantage of shaving oil?

The use of shaving oil brings several benefits! To make it clear, we have listed the benefits for you.

  • Excellent shaving comfort
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin
  • Will not clog pores
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones
  • Better for the environment than shaving cream
  • Does not contain any chemical or harmful substances
  • Transparent oil provides more visibility
  • Significantly less itching after shaving


How do you use shaving oil?

Before shaving, make sure you wash well with lukewarm or warm water. Do this in the shower, under the tap or with a clean, warm and damp towel. If your face is moist, the oil can be better distributed through your facial hair. Take a few drops of shaving oil (the amount is indicated on the packaging) and massage it into your beard. Now the shaving can begin. Are you done shaving? Then grab some extra drops of oil to hydrate and care for your facial skin. In this way, the condition of your skin is restored after shaving. You will notice that your skin gets an extra refresher!


What is the best shaving oil?

At The Alpha Men we have chosen to only have a selection with the best shaving oils. But, just like everyone else, we do have a few ultimate favorites!


Oil Can Grooming - Angels' Share Oil

You should never just look at the packaging, but this one already tempted us to delve into it. This shaving oil from Oil Can Grooming has a soothing and cooling effect. The oil contains, among other things, natural oils such as grape seed, argan, coconut and jojoba. In addition, it also contains Vitamin E, a popular ingredient in the skincare industry. The oil will leave your skin and facial hair with a fresh feeling and scent.


Dr. K. Soap Company - Shaving Oil 

A fine handmade shaving oil from the Irish brand Dr. K. Soap Company. This shaving oil does what you expect it to and will make the hair of your beard softer. Your razor will therefore be able to glide over your skin without difficulty. The oil is enriched with castor oil. A very fine ingredient that ensures that your skin is immediately cared for and hydrated after shaving. Redness and irritation will not often occur with this shaving oil.


American Crew - Ultra Gliding Shaving Oil

This shaving oil has a soothing effect due to the unique mix of botanical ingredients and essential oils. Because of this combination, this is a very nice shaving oil for sensitive skin and will prevent irritation.


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