Shaving soap

The foam you create with a shaving soap is almost unmatchable with any other product....> read more

The foam you create with a shaving soap is almost unmatchable with any other product. Creating the perfect, rich lather does take a little more...> read more

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Shaving soap

One of the most important things you need for a comfortable shave is a good shaving soap. Since the popularity of wet shaving has increased, the range of shaving soaps has also increased. Nowadays you have shaving soaps in almost every scent you can think of. What a shaving soap is, how to use it and what the best shaving soap is for you, you can read in this article!

What is a shaving soap?

Shaving soap is a soap that is used during wet shaving and that allows you to create a lather for shaving. Shaving soap moisturizes the beard, making the beard hairs softer and standing on end, making shaving easier. Shaving soap also applies a protective layer to the skin that, in combination with the foam it produces, guides the blade over the skin. This prevents shaving irritations and shaving wounds. In addition, the shaving soap also leaves a fresh feeling on the shaved skin. With the foam of the soap you can clearly see where you have already shaved and whether you are not missing any spots.

The foam you create with a shaving soap is almost unmatchable with any other product. Creating the perfect, rich lather does take a little more time and skill than, say, using a shaving cream .

History of shaving soap

Shaving soap as we know it today and which must be prepared in a shaving bowl was first produced by the company "Williams" in 1840. Shaving sticks were also sold in the form of a cylinder, but nowadays almost all shaving soaps have the round shape that fits in a shaving bowl.

Difference from regular soap

"Can't you just use normal soap instead of shaving soap?"

The answer to this is no. The soap you use when washing and the soap you use when shaving are two very different soaps with different purposes. For example, a normal soap is only made to cleanse the skin and a shaving soap should provide a comfortable shave. A shaving soap also provides much more foam, because you can probably imagine that shaving without foam is not that pleasant.

"Then why is it called a shaving soap ?"

It's called a shaving soap because "soap" is a term for a chemical reaction between fat and lye. Lye, also called a base, is the opposite of an acid. Shaving soap is therefore created by means of a chemical reaction between fat and lye, which is why you call it a soap.

Why do you use a shaving soap

During shaving you need a shaving soap, gel or cream anyway because otherwise you can easily cut yourself and because shaving without foam causes a lot of irritation. The choice of whether to use a shaving soap, gel or cream is simply your own choice as to what works best for you. A shaving gel is the fastest of these three options, you only have to spray this on your hands and you immediately have a good foam. You beat a shaving cream into a foam with a shaving brush , with a shaving cream you can make a good foam fairly quickly. A shaving soap is for people who want to make shaving a real ritual and see shaving as a relaxation. Shaving soap takes a little longer to whip into a good lather. For many shearers this is not a problem, but is seen as a reward for the work.

How do you use a shaving soap?

Before you have turned your shaving soap into a good lather and you can enjoy a fine shave, you must of course whip the soap. You need a shaving soap, a shaving bowl and a shaving brush. With the steps below you can turn your shaving soap into a delicious foam.

  1. Take a small amount of soap in a shaving bowl.
  2. Wet the bristles of the shaving brush with lukewarm water.
  3. Gently tap the excess water from the brush.
  4. Add a warm water.
  5. Beat this with your shaving brush into a foam.
  6. Apply this to the areas where you want to shave.
  7. Start shaving.

Which shaving soap is right for me?

Which shaving soap suits you best depends on your own taste and smell. Shaving soaps come in almost every possible scent you can think of. To find out which scent suits them best, you can try different scents. You can also match the scent of your shaving soap with, for example, your deodorant , perfume, cologne, pre- and aftershave .

Which shaving bowl is right for me?

Of course you also need a shaving bowl to whip up a soap. The range of shaving bowls is very large. When asked whether it matters which shaving bowl you need, the answer is “yes”. Not all soaps have the same dimensions and therefore do not need the same shaving bowl. To be sure that your shaving soap fits in the shaving bowl, it is advisable to buy them both from the same brand.

Is using a shaving soap sustainable?

Due to the hard composition of the soaps, these products are more economical to use than other shaving products, such as shaving creams. Shaving soaps are also made with only natural ingredients. If your skin cannot handle chemicals well, then a shaving soap is ideal for you. Some shaving soaps are even 100% vegan. We also offer refill packs of certain brands. This allows you to use your favorite soap extra cheaply.

Is shaving soap suitable for sensitive skin?

A shaving soap is very suitable for sensitive skin. These products are available with only natural ingredients and even completely odorless. Good shaving soaps also generally provide the best protective layer on the skin. This also prevents sensitive skin from experiencing too much stress from the razor. Do you quickly have dry skin? Then choose a shaving soap with moisturizing properties, such as the Acca Kappa White Moss shaving soap .


Should I choose a soft, semi-hard, or hard shaving soap?

The best shaving soap for you depends on your personal wishes and your experience with wet shaving. If you're just starting out with wet shaving, we recommend using a soft or semi-hard shaving soap. If you've been shaving wet for a while, and a nice lather is important to you, it's better to opt for a hard shaving soap.


Top 10 best shaving soaps

Now that you know everything about shaving soap, it's time to choose your own shaving soap. You now know what shaving soap is, its history, what types there are and how to use it. To make your choice even easier, we have prepared a list of our top 10 best shaving soaps for you.

Frequently asked questions about shaving soaps

Q: Do I absolutely need a shaving brush?
A: Yes, to turn the soap into a lather you will need a shaving brush to whip up the soap.

Q: How long does a shaving soap last?
A: How long a shaving soap lasts depends of course on the amount of shaving soap. Most shaving soaps have a special formula where you need very little soap to create a good lather. Good shaving soaps last about 3 to 4 months.

Q: Can you use a shaving soap daily?
A: Yes, you can use a shaving soap every day during your standard shaving ritual.


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