Reuzel has since become an icon in the world of hair care products for men....> read more

Reuzel has since become an icon in the world of hair care products for men. The pomades in the well-known cans with a pig on...> read more


Reuzel has since become an icon in the world of hair care products for men. The pomades in the well-known cans with a pig on them are probably not unknown to you.

The first real barber shop in the Netherlands is Schorem Barbier, located in Rotterdam. Leen and Bertus are the pioneers who founded Schorem Barbier. One day they locked themselves in their own lab. The goal: to produce next level pomades. And she succeeded, the Reuzel pomades were born. It is sometimes said that the world of barbers would not have become so big in the Netherlands without these Rotterdammers. The market has exploded.

Most men nowadays no longer go to the same hairdresser as their mother, but to a barber. We have our Schorem friends to thank for this.


What is Reuzel Pomade?

Reuzel's pomades are the products with which they broke through on the market. The name raised questions because "Reuzel" is another name for pork fat. Reuzel (pork fat) used to be used as a pomade . The men of Schorem Barbiers have paid tribute to this old school pomade with their name, but have made a product themselves that is far removed from animal fat. That makes this pomade appropriate for its time, because nowadays nobody wants to put pork fat in their hair.

Pomade is a French word which is a corruption of 'apple'. Pomades used to have a typical fresh apple scent. At Schorem they have chosen scents such as coconut, peppermint, vanilla and other refined scents. And it is also easy to use.


Which Reuzel pomade is suitable for my hair?

Reuzel has created quite a few good pomades. Below you can see exactly which type of Reuzel pomade suits you and your haircut best:


Red Pomade

Together with the green Reuzel, the Reuzel Red was the first product of the Schorem barbers. “The first pancake always fails” rule does not apply to this pomade! This red Reuzel is a water-based pomade, but has all the good properties of an oil-based pomade. Because the pomade is water-based it is easy to wash out of your hair even without shampoo. But that doesn't make it any less sturdy. A unique product!

Fragrance: Vanilla cola


Blue Pomade

The Reuzel Blue pomade is seen as the bigger brother of the red version because the hold is even stronger. And that while this pomade is completely water-based! So easy to wash out of your hair. In addition, the blue pomade has a high shine. This pomade is suitable for any hair type, but works very well if you have thick, coarse hair full of texture.

Fragrance: Warm wood and vanilla

Green Grease Pomade

Reuzel Green Grease Pomade is an oil-based pomade . Because there is beeswax in the pomade, this is a fairly oily pomade with a medium hold and medium shine. The Green Grease is suitable for all hair types.

Because the pomade is oil-based, it is easy to restyle your hair throughout the day. This pomade does not dry up. The formula contains tea tree oil so that no build-up (residual product) remains in your hair. Beeswax again helps to moisturize your hair.

Fragrance: Subtle peppermint


Pink Grease Pomade

Reuzel Pink Grease Pomade is an oil-based pomade and again the "stronger brother" of the green pomade. This pomade is stronger, heavier and shinier. We can say that the Pink Pomade is the suitable variant for men who like more.

The heavy hold is also really heavy and is therefore recommended for voluminous, thick, stiff or difficult to tame hairstyles.

Fragrance: Sweet apple


Fiber Pomade

Reuzel Fiber Pomade provides a medium hold that gives your hair more volume and texture, while providing a matte finish. The styling is as you would expect from a real pomade: flexible and does not dry out in your hair. Ideal if you are looking for the "out of bed" look. Not too tight and nice and messy.

Suitable for men with short to medium hair. Perfect if you are looking for a light styling product that gives structure and definition to your hair.

Fragrance: Honey and Mint


Clay Matte Pomade

You can expect a flexible hold with a matte finish from the Reuzel Matte Clay pomade . Doesn't make your haircut too heavy, adds texture and creates volume.

Gym fanatic? No problem, this pomade can withstand some sweat. However, the clay matte pomade is water-based, so it is still easy to rinse with water.

This Reuzel Matte Clay Pomade is a creamy clay, with a matte finish and yet that flexible hold. The finish is more matte than the Fiber Pomade and the hold is strong. Yet the clay remains flexible and is suitable for shorter and unruly hair types.

Fragrance: Vanilla Mint


Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

This powerhouse can be found in the same line as the Fiber pomade and the Clay Matte pomade. The 'extreme' is therefore really extreme when it comes to hold. Very easy to restyle, all day long. Yet this Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade is water-based and therefore, like all water-based pomades, it can be easily washed out of your hair. In addition, this variant is matte. So if you don't like the shiney coupes, but you like the strong hold, this is the pomade for you.

Smell: Sweet rum


Concrete Hold Matte Pomade

Reuzel's Concrete Hold Matte Pomade provides a strong hold and a matte finish. This water-based pomade can be washed out of your hair with ease, but make no mistake: the hold is very strong. This pomade ensures that your hair gives extra texture and volume, which makes it extra suitable for men with fine or thin hair.

Reuzel Concrete Hold Matte Pomade can be restyled throughout the day and will give your hair a matte look throughout the day.

Fragrance: Vanilla cola


Application of Reuzel

There are quite a few products from Reuzel, so you probably understand that each can has a different manual. Everything has a different texture, so it also needs a different approach. However, there is a kind of regimen about how to apply a pomade in general.

Take some pomade from the can and put it on your palm. Wipe this out in your hands and rub your hands together. When the pomade feels a little easier and warmer in your hands, apply it to your hair. Do this with your hands for a loose look, and with a comb or brush for a specific or classic cut. Child can do laundry.


Reuzel hair care line

The pomades are a public favourite, but the men of Schorem have not stopped there. In the range you also have a Reuzel tonic , clays, clay sprays, fiber gels and much more. Enough to look around!


Reuzel RR Skincare line

The Reuzel RR Skincare line stands for no-nonsense. The products, including a moisturizing face cream, eye cream, face wash and moisturizer are 100% vegan and free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.


Reuzel Shave & Beard line

Of course, Reuzel also has a line that focuses on shaving and the beard. The range includes the popular Reuzel beard balm , but there are also beard foams, beard serums, beard shampoos, beard combs, shaving creams, soaps and aftershaves.

Tips for choosing your Reuzel

It is therefore clear that the Rotterdam barbers do not joke when it comes to their products. There is plenty to find, something for everyone. Below are our tips to choose the product that will suit you best.

  • Note the hold: flexible or strong
  • Note the finish: matte or shine
  • Note the base: water base or oil base
  • Can you restyle it or does it dry up?
  • Do I like the scent?

Follow these points, and you're sure to find your pomade match. A kind of Tinder, but with promised results. So leave the swiping for a while, and start ordering those Reuzel products at The Alpha Men.