Providing better skin health was the purpose that gave birth to this brand. Every individual...> read more

Providing better skin health was the purpose that gave birth to this brand. Every individual should be able to feel strong, beautiful and confident. That's...> read more


Providing better skin health was the purpose that gave birth to this brand. Every individual should be able to feel strong, beautiful and confident. That's why Medik8 has created powerful products that deliver visible results.

Medik8 products are designed in a British laboratory where innovation and research go hand in hand with over 40 years of experience in the skin care industry. Day in and day out, the brand's professionals are busy developing formulas that continuously push the boundaries of what is possible. In this way, the brand creates progressive and never-before-developed skin improvement techniques.

Medik8 will never compromise when it comes to beautiful skincare and real results. All products contain a comfortable texture, luxurious scent, advanced science and incredibly powerful ingredients. The result? Beautiful skin that outlasts its “use by” date.


Medik8's CSA philosophy

Medik8 adheres to the CSA philosophy. This philosophy consists of 3 parts. The C stands for Vitamin C , the S stands for sun protection and the A stands for Vitamin A. According to Medik8, this combination is the secret to improving your skin and keeping it young for a long time. The secret is in combining Vitamin C with sunscreen during the day, with Vitamin A at night. The brand is confident that if you apply their CSA method, your skin will look like you are 10 years younger by the age of 50.


Vitamin C

Properly formulated Vitamin C is a hugely important antioxidant protection. Collagen production (extremely important to keep your skin supple and young) is also stimulated and the development of pigment is blocked. The result will be smooth and clear skin.


Sun protection (SPF)

Protecting yourself well against the sun is the core of good skin. That is why Medik8 has developed a line of light but powerful sun protectors. These will protect your skin and nourish it intensely. You don't have to worry, because these products don't stick and don't feel greasy.


Vitamin A

Medik8 is an expert when it comes to Vitamin A. The brand has developed several serums and night creams that rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Ideal! Vitamin A is the main ingredient against anti-aging and skin improvement. It will give your skin a big boost, such as regulating sebum production and increasing cell turnover.


How are Medik8 products made?

Researched by biochemists, developed by skin care experts and formulated by pharmacologists. The combination of these expertises has enabled Medik8 to commit to producing the highest possible formulations and skin care products. The products contain the very best ingredients that are properly balanced to give the best results for every skin.

Medik8 products are created through the combination of the right ingredients, professionalism, inclusion of ingredients, stability and fresh formulas. When you receive your product at home, it will be as fresh and new as it was during development.


Medik8's bestsellers

The Medik8 Hydr8 B5 is the best selling serum the brand has. This serum is odorless, oil-free and lightweight. The Hydr8 contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. This will hydrate the skin to the deeper layers and your skin will become smoother and healthier. This serum also prevents fine lines.

The Medik8 - Advanced Night Restore is also a favorite among connoisseurs. This moisturizing night cream is quickly absorbed by your skin and will restore and purify your skin. In fact, Medik8's Advanced line is already a very popular line in general. The Medik8 - Advanced Day Total Protect will keep your skin younger, protect it and prevent hyperpigmentation. This day cream contains SPF30 and will therefore protect you from the sun. In addition, this cream puts a protective layer over your skin so that harmful substances from the outside can no longer penetrate your skin.


Products from Medik8

Medik8 has years of experience in skin care and that is why there is an extensive line of skin care available from the brand. In the filter screen you can click on the next category to find the product you are looking for.


day cream

Medik8 has an extensive line of day cream . There is a Medik8 day cream for every skin type that is enriched with ingredients that are suitable for complete protection throughout the day.


night cream

These different variants of the night cream are available in different price ranges. You also have special variants of the Medik8 night cream that are suitable for sensitive skin under the eyes.


24hr cream

Some Medik8 creams are suitable for 24 hour protection. Always read the description of each product.



The Medik8 cleaning products are available in different textures and sizes for different purposes. For example, you have a cream cleanser , foam cleanser and mousse cleanser. Click on the products to see which skin type the cleanser is suitable for.



A facial scrub should of course not be missing in your routine. That's why you have 2 variants of the Medik8 - scrub. Both are designed for all skin types.



The Medik8 - Press & Glow Toner will moisturize your skin and brighten your skin surface. This toner is also suitable for all skin types.



Medik8 has a very extensive range of serums. Medik8 has designed a suitable serum for all skin problems you may experience. Check out all Medik8 - serum products to see which one best suits your skin and any skin problems.



To really pamper your skin, Medik8 has also developed several variants of a face mask . When you put on a suitable Medik8 mask, you will notice that your skin gets a big boost. This care is a wonderful addition to your care routine once in a while.


Eye care

You will find an eye balm, eye serum and eye cream in the Medik8 range. Medik8 does not forget the thin and fragile skin under your eyes.


Skin care routine kits

If you can't figure it out, don't worry. Medik8 has taken into account anyone who finds it easy to buy everything in one package. That's why you have 3 variants of the Medik8 - skincare routine kit for men. They all contain slightly different products so that you can be sure that there is the best match for you.