Single edge blades

Single edge blades

Single Edge Blades

When you shave with a shavette or safety razor, a single edge blade is indispensable in your bathroom. These classic razors are used by all wet shaving enthusiasts and the result will be a lot smoother and neater.


What are single edge blades?

Single edge blades and a safety razor or shavette go hand in hand. You place the single edge blades in a safety razor or shavette. The razor blades contain a sharpness between 1 (the least sharp) and 5 (the sharpest). Single edge blades are always securely wrapped in paraffin paper. This paper is sterile, ensures safety and offers a longer shelf life.


Difference between single edge blades and double edge blades

In addition to single edge razor blades, there are also double edge blades . These razor blades have cutting edges on two sides instead of one. Double edge blades can be broken in half so that they can be used as a single edge blade.


Advantages of single edge blades

Shaving with a single edge razor will bring benefits. Especially when you compare this to shaving with a cartridge razor or shaver.

  • Reduces the risk of ingrown hairs
  • Provides an extremely close shave
  • Comparatively a lot cheaper than a cartridge knife
  • High quality offers a long service life
  • Shave more precisely and closer to the skin
  • Because you don't put much pressure, shaving irritations are reduced
  • Because the blades can be used with the old iron, they are more durable



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