Top 10 shampoos

Top 10 shampoo
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Top 10 shampoos

Hair care is becoming increasingly important for men and that is not surprising. We are getting more and more choices in hair styling products and in the process we need to take good care of our hair. To clean your hair as well as possible without damaging it, drying it out, or irritating your scalp, a good shampoo for men is required. Therefore, there is more and more choice for men to choose from a shampoo.

We have already tested several shampoos and have also received many responses from customers over the past few years. From these experiences we have compiled a top 10. Here, of course, we also take into account the ingredients of a shampoo.


What are the benefits of shampoo?

  • The product to cleanse your hair
  • Removes excess sebum, grease, oil, sweat and build-up
  • Promotes natural shine
  • Incredibly wide choice, for every hair type / skin type there is a suitable shampoo

How do you use a shampoo?

Exactly how to use a shampoo can vary from shampoo to shampoo, but in general, use a shampoo as follows.

  1. Wet your hair
  2. Take a little shampoo in your hands
  3. Massage your scalp with the shampoo
  4. Make sure you have included all areas of your scalp
  5. Note: You don't need to apply shampoo to your ends. Your scalp is the part that should be cleaned
  6. Rinse the shampoo completely out of your hair
  7. Now use a conditioner to condition your hair after cleansing

What is the best shampoo?

But what is the best shampoo and how do you choose the best shampoo? Only you can give the best answer to this. After all, you have to consider your own preferences, as well as your hair type and the purpose of the shampoo. For example, nowadays you have the choice of vegan shampoo or natural shampoo, but you also have special anti-dandruff shampoo and hair loss shampoo. If you have colored hair, you can choose a color-protecting shampoo or a silver shampoo. Actually, there are too many shampoos nowadays to mention, but answer for yourself what qualities you find important! That way you are going to find the perfect shampoo match that fits your lifestyle.

We combined our own favorite shampoos with our all-time bestsellers and came up with the above top 10 shampoos. These top 10 include shampoos from top brands like Doers of London, Shear Revival, Gaijess and Hanz de Fuko.