Argan oil

Argan oil is a care product that has been used for centuries by Moroccan...> read more

Argan oil is a care product that has been used for centuries by Moroccan Berber women. Both your hair, skin, feet, hands, nails, etc....> read more

Argan oil

Argan oil is a care product that has been used for centuries by Moroccan Berber women. Both your hair, skin, feet, hands, nails, etc. can be fantastically cared for by this unique panacea.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a rare oil that contains a high percentage of antioxidants. Due to this high percentage, skin and hair are cared for, optimally protected and hydrated. Argan oil is nourishing for the skin and will make your hair silky smooth without making it greasy. The oil is non-comedogenic and will not clog your skin or pores.

Is argan oil good for you?

We can be brief about this: yes! Argan oil is packed with healthy ingredients such as antioxidants, Vitamin E, fatty acids, etc. This protects you against external influences while the oil moisturizes and cares for your skin / hair. A typical case of win-win.

Where does argan oil come from?

Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, a rare tree found only in the south of Morocco. Because these trees are scarce, it is a costly product. Argan oil can be recognized by the fact that it is a thick, yellow oil. It is quite fine in texture and smells slightly nutty.

What is argan oil good for?

It is of course not for nothing that this golden yellow oil has acquired a good reputation over the past centuries. Argan oil is versatile and brings many benefits.

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Takes care of your hair and scalp
  • Treats eczema and psoriasis
  • Effective to fight acne
  • Protects your skin against free radicals
  • Cares for or prevents pregnancy stretch marks
  • Hydrates dry feet or hands

    What does argan oil do for your hair?

    An argan oil can have several positive effects on your hair. Because an argan oil contains several healthy ingredients, your hair is intensively nourished. Your hair will shine more, it will become stronger and also more elastic. Argan oil will also ensure that your scalp and hair are in good condition. That is why argan oil is a well-known remedy for both hair loss and dandruff. Hair loss in men is therefore more often treated with argan oil.

    What does argan oil do for your face?

    Because an argan oil is packed with healthy ingredients, you can see an argan oil as a kind of superfood for your skin. Dry skin is intensively hydrated while oily skin will not become oilier. An argan oil will restore sebum production with oily skin, making your oily skin less oily! This makes an argan oil suitable for all skin types. Also, an argan oil will not clog your pores, but will help against acne because it balances your skin.

    An argan oil also has the positive effect that it will prevent skin aging. Due to the deep hydration, both wrinkles and fine lines will be tackled and filled. The many antioxidants make your skin more elastic and healthier. And what's really nice is that you can use an argan oil both morning and evening. This makes argan oil the ideal replacement for all your expensive creams!

    How do you use argan oil for your hair?

    This can be used in several ways. For example, you can use argan oil as daily hair care, intensive hair mask or as care for your scalp. We'll walk past them.

    Daily hair care

    Take a few drops of argan oil and put it in the palm of your hand. Now gently apply this in the ends of your hair. You can apply this a little further up if you have thin hair. And you're done! You can now expect less frizzy hair and more shine.

    Intensive hair mask

    Make no mistake, you don't need a bucket of oil for this either. Grab a few drops, put this on your palm and apply it in the hair ends. Slowly work your way up and rub it all over your hair. You can also take the scalp with you. Leave this on for a few hours. Some people sleep with it, but don't forget to protect your pillow with a towel. Rinse it out the next day with a shampoo and conditioner and you have a hydrated, protected and well-groomed haircut.

    Care for your scalp

    Take about 8 drops of argan oil in the palm of your hand. Now distribute this on your scalp and make sure that your entire scalp contains argan oil. It's helpful to start in a parting and work your way outward from the center. Massage the oil well with circular movements so that you are sure that your scalp will take it well. Now wait at least an hour or sleep with the argan oil.

    How do you use argan oil for your face?

    Argan oil is suitable for all skin types and multiple purposes. We can all name it such as moisturizer, serum, etc. But it is so multifunctional that we just tell you how best to apply argan oil to your face!

    Make sure you have washed and cleansed your face beforehand. Now grab a few drops of argan oil in your hands and then massage that oil in your hands so that it warms up. Now grab a little oil in your fingertips and apply it on your face and neck. Don't apply much pressure now, but start massaging the oil into your skin with circular movements. Do this for a while until you feel your skin begin to absorb the oil.

    Which argan oil is the best?

    This answer, of course, varies from person to person. We do have our own preferences.


    Officina Artigiana Milano Certified Argan Oil

    This pure argan oil is an all-time bestseller and that is of course not without reason. This argan oil does what it should do and contains many nourishing, natural ingredients. This product is a real all-rounder and should be found in every household.


    Forte Series Argan Oil

    This nourishing formula from Forte Series is specifically aimed at taking care of your hair. Your hair will be protected and also feel a lot softer and healthier. This lightweight oil is easy to apply in your hair and also super easy to rinse out of your hair.


    Muhle Organic Argan Oil

    This hand-pressed fair trade argan oil comes from the ORGANIC line of the Mühle brand. This argan oil is produced by a Moroccan women's cooperative, so you can't get much more 'real' than this.

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