Top 10 beard wax

Top 10 baardwax
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Top 10 beard wax

Beard wax is the lesser known than products like beard balm and beard oil, but no less important. Especially if you have a slightly longer beard, beard wax is just right for you. It is a perfect tool for keeping your beard hairs under control and styling. Beard oil has a more moisturizing effect, but with beard wax, your beard can be molded better. Even better than with a beard balm! This is because beard wax is not liquid but fairly hard.

Beard wax usually consists of beeswax, petroleum jelly, natural oils and (shea)butter. Also, a the best beard wax contains nourishing ingredients. These ensure that your beard will have a natural shine and care for the skin under your beard. d


What is the best beard wax?

A good beard wax should do what beard wax is known for. Beard wax should be able to keep your (longer) beard in shape, nourish your beard and care for the skin under your beard. Stubborn hairs should be able to be kept in check with a good beard wax. In addition, we like it when a beard wax contains mostly natural ingredients. That way, you won't be smearing junk into your beard that can damage it in the long run.


What's in a good beard wax?

The best beard wax often contains the following natural ingredients:

  • (Shea)butter
  • Vaseline
  • Beeswax
  • Natural oils


For which beards is a beard wax suitable?

If you have a medium to long beard, a beard wax is right for you. And especially beards that are harder to control due to stiff or wild hairs that are difficult to style. An average beard balm will not be able to control these beards, but a beard wax can certainly handle these types of beards. Even a beard oil won't do anything for these types of beards, aside from giving a piece of shine. So when you want to make sure your (medium) long beard stays in control, a beard wax is for you!


Which brands have the best beard wax?

It's only natural that everyone has their own favorites. However, we took an average of all the reviews and experiences and made an absolute top. The brands we will highlight for you below.


OAK Beard Care

A Berlin brand with (as you could tell from the name) premium beard products for men. In this family-run business, the beard products are mostly made by hand. OAK Beard Care loves innovation and this is reflected in the products they bring to market. These products are all completely different from existing products that have the same focus. The German brand puts an awful lot of time into the products. This is reflected in the perfectly selected materials, ingredients and formulas. OAK Beard Care works closely with natural cosmetics certifiers and careful attention is paid to the selection of ingredients.


Mr. Bear Family

The brand was created because there was a great demand for natural products for your beard. It is a large brand with a wide range of high quality grooming products. The range is wide enough to cover your daily routine. The brand strives to use products that work with both body and nature. This is the reason why all the brand's products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Mr. Bear Family invents their own recipes in their own factories. These products are tested and produced here. So in this way, Mr. Bear Family is really in charge of their own product. So, your beard wax is handmade, opened, filled and sealed.

The team at Mr. Bear Family has a clear vision: not to become the world's biggest, but the world's best! They want to be able to provide the same (or even better) experience as any other high-end brand, but without junk and chemical ingredients. A brand with natural formulas that does what it promises!



A truly Dutch brand that makes handmade beard products. The creator of Dutchbeards started experimenting with beard products himself, developing formulas and products that could take good care of his own beard. The spark struck and he began selling his homemade beard products. Dutchbeards has grown into a professional business with a wide range of delicious beard products.

The beard products are designed with the philosophy that they should not be standard products found on every street corner. The handmade compositions are well-matched and very special. The beard products contain no chemical junk, only natural ingredients. Dutchbeards has grown into a professional business with a wide range of delicious beard products.



A broad brand with many different grooming products. Morgan's has been around since 1873 and was recommended by professional barbers of the British kingdom. Eventually, Morgan's grew into a true crowd favorite.

Morgan's products are improved day by day, the optimization never stops. That's why Morgan's is also an award winner.


RAW Naturals

Developed by the well-known brand Recipe for Men. RAW Naturals is a unique grooming line for men and, as the name suggests, offers natural products for the beard, among other things. RAW Naturals puts local products, environmental awareness and the experience of small-scale production before anything else. The line because several products for your beard, including a good beard wax.



A brand that stands for bold beard products, among other things. The revolutionary brand is anything but conformist and wants to be seen as more than just a brand. Beardburys is more of a lifestyle.

The brand works with 86% natural ingredients of which all formulas are made by anti-conformist experts. So a unique product is something you can expect from the brand! Also, all products contain the same Spanish temperament as their homeland. All products are made in Spain. The faces behind the brand go out of their way to make each product unique. Thus, the formulas are handmade, the designs exclusive and the quality standards high. Of course, the fact that the brand is so popular is for good reason! The DNA of Beardburys ensures that they can offer best products, over and over again.



Founded in 1957 in France. The Osma brand has been producing quality products for men for over 50 years. A lot of time and attention is put into the design and formulas of their products. The results are definitely worth it as the products are of high quality.

Osma works with a very strict selection of raw materials, traditional craft and natural ingredients. The brand maintains these core values today as much as it did 50 years ago.



Mühle, who doesn't know the brand today? All Mühle products are made with artistic craftsmanship, industrial expertise and, above all, a lot of love and care. The products are made on a natural basis and are free of all harmful substances. So you can be sure that what you put in your beard won't harm you. With the products from Mühle, you can be assured that you can take your grooming routine to the next level!


Dick Johnson

Last but not least, Dick Johnson. A brand with a thin dividing line between luxury and bawdiness. Dick Johnson is a forward-thinking brand that does not want to participate in the "high class" look that many brands want to portray these days. No, Dick Johnson is different from others and above all himself. Attitude is combined with luxury products, products the brand is proud of. The products, their mission and their drive all come from a certain state of mind. The brand knows no fear and no doubt and this is reflected in their products. The combination between bawdiness and luxury ensures that both the businessman and the anarchist can knock on the brand's door. Inclusiveness combined with top products, makes us happy!