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Safety razor open comb

A safety razor with open comb is a must-have for men with a full, dense beard growth and/or hair growth. They are also called an open comb safety razor or an open comb razor named.

The end of the base plate of this safety razor is not straight and continuous, but ends in 'teeth' that resemble a kind of rake. These teeth act as a kind of guide that causes the hairs to stand upright. The open comb razor can shave closer to the skin this way.


Advantages of a safety razor with an open comb

  • Reduces the chance of ingrown hairs
  • Ideal for full, dense and fast hair growth
  • Prevents irritated skin
  • Cheap to use
  • Less stubble


What other types of safety razors are there?

In addition to the safety razor with an open comb, there are also other variants of the safety razor. Do your research and find out which one suits you best.



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