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Safety razor butterfly closure

A safety razor with butterfly closure is also called a 'twist to open' razor. At such razor with butterfly closure, you have to turn the handle to open the shaving head. This way you can razor blade , so one single-edge blade or double edge blade , insert or replace.

A butterfly knife safety razor contains moving parts and that is why you have to learn how this safety razor works. A safety razor with a butterfly closure will last you for years.

Advantages of a safety razor with butterfly closure

  • It takes little time to fit or replace a razor blade
  • It is easy to install or replace a razor blade
  • The butterfly closure does not affect the quality of an open safety razor or closed safety razor

What other types of safety razors are there?

In addition to a razor with a butterfly closure, there are also other variants of the safety razor. Do your research and find out which one suits you best.

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