Hand cream

Hand cream

What is hand cream?

The name already gives it away, a hand cream is specially intended to cream (lubricate) your hands and ensures protection and recovery of the skin of your hands. The use of a hand cream is not exclusively reserved for the ladies. Gentlemen, do yourself a favor and go and rub your hands with hand cream. The ladies are really not waiting for your rough hands.


Why is hand cream for men so important?

We wash our hands. As a result, your hands can eventually become chapped and even show cracks. The skin is our largest organ and only with skin in top condition can we prevent infections from outside. That's why it's even more important now than usual to regularly rub your hands with hand cream. This keeps the skin of your hands in good condition. Apply a hand cream to your hands several times a day. The best way to do that is below.


What is the best way to use hand cream for men?

The best way to apply hand cream is the following:
Apply a little hand cream to the back of your hands and rub the backs of your hands together. Only then fold your hands together to also lubricate the inside. This way you prevent too much hand cream on the inside of your hands and therefore sticky hands.


Do not squeeze almost the entire tube of hand cream on the back of your hands at once. Start with a small line about a centimeter, which is more than enough. Too much hand cream is not absorbed by the skin. And if you have applied too little hand cream, you can still rub your hands a second time.

Three times a day is sufficient

If you rub your hands three times a day, that is basically enough. You don't have to cream them every hour. If you have very dry hands, you can also rub them again before going to bed. Not too thick, your bedding or your partner won't want sticky cream. And if you have used too much hand cream? Then lubricate your feet. They are often forgotten, especially in winter.

Multiple tubes in multiple places

When you put a tube of hand cream for men in sight in certain places, you are also reminded to rub your hands. Good places to put a tube are next to the kitchen tap, on your desk, in the car and on the bedside table.


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