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Top 10 day cream

Face cream is a cream that conditions, protects and moisturizes your face. A face cream is the best moisturizer for men and really cannot be left out of your morning or evening routine. When you use a face cream, your face will look more bright, healthy, young and elastic than when you don't use it. Also, a men's face cream will keep your pores free of bacteria and other unwanted debris making you less likely to have subcutaneous inflammation, pimples and other unwanted skin irritations.

Why a face cream for men?

Fortunately, we are hearing more and more about men using face cream as well. Maintaining and protecting your skin is not just something women are supposed to do after all. There are numerous benefits to using a men's face cream, listed for you below.

  • You will protect your skin from external influences (dirt, harmful UV rays, smog, bacteria, etc.)
  • You keep your skin younger
  • You moisturize your skin which will improve its appearance
  • Your skin becomes smoother
  • Your skin becomes softer
  • Subcutaneous inflammations and skin irritations are reduced.

What types of face creams for men are there?

Because there are many different skin types and skin conditions, several types of face creams have also been developed. For example, you have face creams for oily skin, dry skin, anti-aging, combination skin, etc. Each type of face cream has its own purpose. Therefore, always research first to find out what skin type you have. There are four types that can be the best men's cream for your skin type.

Anti-wrinkle cream

An anti-wrinkle cream, not entirely surprisingly, focuses on aging skin. In an anti-wrinkle cream, specific ingredients are added that will provide extra nourishment to the skin cells in order to combat fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, this face balm for men will also give your skin a hydration boost.

Hydrating cream (moisturizer)

Are you looking for intense nourishment for your skin? Then look for a hydrating cream, also called a "moisturizer. Perfect for gentlemen with dry skin who may suffer from facial tightness, redness, itching and/or flaking. Your skin will look more elastic and a lot healthier.

Day cream

A day cream you use during the day and also varies in purpose. For example, you have different day creams for different skin types. You also have day cream with SPF so you will be protected from harmful radiation from the sun all day long. The best day cream for men ensures that your skin is protected throughout the day from external influences and gives your skin the strength it needs.

Nowadays there is also the tinted day cream. This will make your complexion look a little healthier, if you just caught a few extra rays of sunlight. Also, this will mask any redness on your skin.

Night cream

A night cream will repair your skin while you sleep. Ideal right! A night cream contains ingredients that will settle deep into your skin and repair your skin barrier. The resilience of your tissue is promoted and your skin will start to look visibly healthier and younger. There is also the 24-hour cream, this cream focuses both on protecting your skin during the day, and restoring your skin during the night.

Buying a face cream, what to look out for?

The best cream for men is one that suits your skin type perfectly. Therefore, research this well and test your face cream for men, to see if it is a true match. In addition, take a good look at the function of a face cream. If you are looking for an anti-aging face cream, buy 1 that focuses specifically on this.

It is also important to keep your own preferences in mind. For example, are you allergic to certain substances? Check to see if they are in your face cream. Do you prefer a brand that contains the label "cruelty free"? Then go for that. Are you against certain substances such as SLS, parabens, silicones, PEGs? Then check if these can be found in the ingredient list. The best men's cream is the one that best suits you, your skin type and your own specific preferences!

Our favorite face cream brands

  1. Grown Alchemist
  2. Triumph & Disaster
  3. The Grey
  4. Medik8

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