Day cream with SPF

Day cream with SPF

Day cream with SPF

Unfortunately, it is still a taboo among many men: a skincare routine. This is unfortunate, especially when you think about the importance of good skin. Good skin ensures a fresh and clean appearance. It is just as important for men as it is for women. In addition, the sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Something that doesn't make you happy now, let alone twenty years from now. Therefore choose a day cream for men with SPF (Sun Protection Factor).


Why a day cream with SPF?

A day cream with SPF for men brings many benefits. It cares for and moisturizes the skin, but it also offers important protection against the harmful rays of the sun, skin aging and wrinkles. A day cream for men with SPF therefore only seems important in the summer, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Your skin is also exposed to harmful UV radiation on the typical Dutch, grey, drizzly days. The sun's power is less than on the Spanish costa, but it will certainly remain present to affect your skin cells. That is why we want to emphasize the importance of a day cream with SPF.


UV-A radiation and UV-B radiation

Let's take a closer look at the harmful radiation from the sun we just talked about. You have three different types of radiation. UVA, UVB and UVC. There is hardly any talk about UV-C. This radiation does not pass through the ozone layer and is therefore not harmful to our skin. However, UV-A and UV-B radiation do.


UV-A Radiation

This is the culprit when it comes to skin aging (hence the A, stands for Aging), and is also the one that is always present. Sunny, cloudy, rainy, and even through office windows: UV-A radiation is always present. UV-A radiation penetrates into your deeper skin layers and therefore plays a major role in skin cancer. You therefore want to avoid this radiation as much as possible.


UV-B Radiation

Perhaps you can guess what the B stands for. Right, for burning. UV-B radiation is therefore also the radiation that causes you to burn. This radiation is shorter but more powerful and can even cause DNA damage. You would therefore prefer to avoid this B version as well.


Which SPF strength should I choose?

A day cream for men with SPF. You have to look at it a bit the same way you buy your sunscreen. Where your sunscreen has different SPFs, your day cream also has this. The same rule applies: the higher your SPF factor is, the longer you are protected. So a day cream with SPF 15 protects you for less time than an SPF with 30. And a day cream with SPF 30 protects for less time than a day cream with factor 50. We think you get it!


Factor 15

This factor is especially recommended in the winter months, unless you go on winter sports of course. In the spring and autumn you have to put on extra sunscreen for protection. In the summer it is highly recommended to put on more sunscreen in addition to this SPF.


Factor 30

Especially suitable in spring and autumn. Please note that you are still less protected against UV-A and UV-B radiation than with a factor of 50.


Factor 50

Offers good protection for all seasons. This factor also lasts the longest. Suppose you want to go to the beach for a day, always use a good sunscreen. That way your skin is completely impervious to harmful radiation!


What is the best day cream with SPF for my skin?

A day cream for men with SPF is easy to find when you know your skin type . In addition, it also depends on the amount of time you spend outside. That is why we at The Alpha Men have a wide range of day creams with SPF for men!


Which day cream with SPF works well for oily skin?

If you have oily skin , a day cream with SPF works best if the cream has a gel structure. These day creams do not clog your pores and do not cause excess sebum production. Also make sure you go for a mattifying day cream with SPF. This ensures that your skin does not shine quickly, an extra plus!


Which day cream with SPF works for dry skin?

If you have dry skin, it is useful to opt for a nourishing day cream with SPF. This hydrates your skin and therefore maintains your moisture balance well.


Which day cream with SPF for mature skin?

The term “ anti-aging ” is the most important word to pay attention to. These day creams will mainly focus on UV-A radiation. When you look around our range, it is therefore important to pay attention to whether the day cream is anti-aging.


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