Round brush

Round brush

A round brush is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants well-groomed and styled hair . From creating volume and smoothing hair to shaping soft waves and curls, a round brush is a versatile tool that should not be missing in any dressing table.

What is a round brush?

A round brush is a hairbrush with a cylindrical base, on which the bristles are attached. This brush is often used in combination with a hair dryer to style the hair. By wrapping the hair around the brush while drying, you can create different styles and effects depending on the size and material of the brush.

Types of round brushes

There are different types of round brushes, depending on the desired result and the type of hair:

  1. Metal Round Brushes: These brushes have a metal barrel that quickly absorbs heat from the hair dryer, helping to dry and style hair faster. Ideal for creating volume and smoothing frizzy hair.

  2. Ceramic round brushes: With a ceramic cylinder, the heat is distributed evenly, which ensures an even styling. This type of brush is suitable for all hair types and helps prevent hair damage from heat.

  3. Wooden round brushes: Wooden brushes are environmentally friendly and help reduce static. They are ideal for people with sensitive scalps as they retain less heat.

  4. Plastic round brushes: These lightweight brushes are suitable for fine hair and give a soft styling.

Bristle materials

The bristles of a round brush can be made of different materials, such as natural hair (such as boar bristles), nylon, or a mix of both. Natural bristles help distribute the hair's natural oils and are ideal for a glossy finish, while nylon bristles are better at detangling hair and creating volume.


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