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Fine comb

There are many different combs for many different purposes and hair types. All combs are made of a type of material that fits well with the purpose of the comb. The fine comb is ideal for styling your hair.

What is a fine comb?

The fine comb is a perfect match if you want to use a comb to style your hair. A fine-tooth comb has fine teeth that are fairly close together. Such a comb is extremely suitable for styling and detangling your hair. A fine comb is suitable for all hair lengths and is widely used by professionals to assist in cutting your hair.

The benefits of a fine comb

  • Perfect for styling your hair
  • Suitable for detangling your hair
  • Supported in cutting your hair
  • Suitable for all hair lengths

Other types of combs

There are combs in many different shapes and sizes. That's a good thing, because a different comb fits every hair type. If you have frizzy hair, the afro comb is best for your hair type. The wide tooth comb can be used for almost all hair types and will style your hair in a natural way. For medium to long hair that sometimes suffers from tangles, the wide comb is recommended. And last but not least; a pocket comb is extremely easy to take with you.

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