Beard soap

Beard soap

What is Beard Soap?

Beard soap looks like a bar of soap, except the formula is more suitable for facial hair. Beard soap in most cases contains moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, which moisturize the skin and beard while gently removing dirt and excess oil. Beard soap is applied to the beard just as you would apply a bar of regular soap to your body. A man rubs it between his hands to create a lather before massaging it into his beard and rinsing it out thoroughly. Just like shampoo, a block of beard soap provides a lot of foam.

How does beard soap work?

Beard soap contains natural oils minus the harmful chemicals commonly found in regular shampoos. These harmful chemicals remove the naturally occurring oils in your beard, which is obviously not very good for your beard. Beard soaps are designed to keep your beard better moisturized while cleaning. Beard soap also removes excess, non-naturally present oils from your beard, which ensures a wonderfully fresh and airy result.

Important aspects of beard soap

1. Cleaning options

Number 1 may seem obvious, but it should be at the top of your list when shopping for a beard soap. If a soap doesn't clean your beard properly, what's the point? Beard soaps with a good exfoliating ingredient, though sometimes harsher on the skin, usually lather well and work well to remove all the dirt and grime you've collected throughout the day.


2. Hydration

Beards stay healthy and look radiant due to the naturally occurring oils present in the hair. When you wash your beard, some of these oils are removed, and most of the ready-made and mass-produced soaps you see do this too "well."

A good beard soap that is made from 100% natural ingredients is basically not made to moisturize your beard, but it certainly won't remove all those natural oils from your beard.


3. Lather

A good beard soap lathers quite easily. Keep in mind that many handmade and natural soaps don't lather as well as standard soaps because the chemicals that make those soaps lather so easily are not present in a good quality beard soap.


4. Ingredients

In a beard soap, always look for natural ingredients, ones you recognize by name or can easily pronounce. An ingredient with seventeen letters and six syllables is probably not the one you want to put in your beard.


5. Fragrance

Not entirely unimportant is of course the smell of the beard soap. This comes down to personal preference, of course, but you want to choose a scent that you like and that you enjoy having that scent enter your nose a few times a day.

When do you use beard soap?

In general, men with a shorter beard use beard soap, while men with a longer beard are more likely to benefit from a beard shampoo. When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. We use soap for our skin and we use shampoo for longer hair.


Buy beard soap? Our choice

Below we have prepared three beard soaps which, regardless of whether you are an experienced user or not, give you the right basis for a healthy and fresh beard, without the addition of harmful substances.

Bossman All Natural Exfoliating 3-1 Bar Soap
This all-natural Beard Soap from Bossman is a must-have for every bathroom. The soap consists of a mix of different natural oils, butters and other caring ingredients that will treat your skin, beard and hair to a good cleaning and care. The soap also has a good moisturizing effect, which prevents dehydration and ensures wonderfully soft skin and beard. Not only does the soap give your skin good cleaning and care, but the soap also helps against skin irritations such as acne, eczema, dandruff and Psoriasis.

Azbane Gentle Beard Soap
This gentle soap from Azbane is a delicious beard soap and is enriched with various pure Moroccan oils. These oils give the beard and underlying skin a mild cleaning and care, resulting in a beautiful, well-groomed beard. This beard soap is perfect for sensitive skin and can be used daily.

mr. Dutchman Uber Beard Soap
The Uber Soap from Mr. Dutchman ensures a healthy and fresh beard. This soap is a cleaning and care product in one, because the soap consists of 10% caring oils and the other 90% soap. The Soap lathers well and removes excess grease and dirt from your skin and beard. The Soap does not dry out your beard due to the high concentration of oil, the foam of this soap is therefore thick and oily.


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