Care for bald scalp

Care for bald scalp

Men with a bald head have less maintenance on their haircut, but they do have to take good care of their bald scalp. You don't want to shave your head in the summer and bake in the sun. Before you know it you'll be walking around like a shiny and bright red crustacean. Whether you are bald by choice or by necessity, taking care of your bald scalp is essential. Fortunately, more and more products are coming onto the market that specifically target bald scalps.

Why do you need to take care of your bald scalp?

When you are bald, you need a completely different care than people with hair on their heads. For example, when you use a regular shampoo, you will probably get flakes and itchiness. When you use a regular lotion, you will probably get shiny. All factors that most bald men do not want.

Bald scalp care is rather important. If you don't do this properly, this will be clearly visible. Usually not a nice feeling. That is why it is important to take care of your bald scalp with products that are made for this purpose. Think of brands such as Doctor Bald (it's all in the name), which specifically focuses on care for a bald scalp.

Products for a bald scalp

Brands such as Doctor Bald and Acca Kappa have specialized in care for bald scalps in men. The Acca Kappa Aftershave Balm for Face and Scalp is a nourishing aftershave that soothes your scalp after a shave. Due to different ingredients, your scalp will not shine. This aftershave will only nourish your scalp, soothe it and prevent irritations.

Of course, most bald men no longer use regular shampoo, but have you ever heard of the Doctor Bald Shower Shampoo ? This is a mattifying shampoo for your scalp that contains natural extracts. These extracts moisturize and soothe your bald scalp. The included massage brush is made to protect your bald scalp from minor infections. The massage brush also ensures that the shampoo will be better absorbed into your scalp, which provides extra care. Doctor Bald has several fine products for the bald man, such as the Doctor Bald Daily Use Lotion . All of these products are definitely worth trying!


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