Finishing hair spray

Finishing hair spray is a liquid that is always in an aerosol can. To...> read more

Finishing hair spray is a liquid that is always in an aerosol can. To keep your hair in good shape, spray the liquid on...> read more

Finishing hair spray

Finishing hair spray is a liquid that is always in an aerosol can. To keep your hair in good shape, spray the liquid on your hair from a distance. The question is often asked “is hairspray also for men?”, and the answer is simply yes. A hairspray is a product that keeps your hair in shape during the day, and is therefore just as important for men as for women.


What is the difference between hair spray and a finishing hair spray?

A fnishing hair spray is made to protect your hair against external influences, such as weather conditions. It gives your hair more body and stays in shape during the day. A hair spray, on the other hand, has slightly less hold but does not look unnatural. When you apply a finishing hair spray in large quantities, it will look rather unnatural and makes your hair a little stiff. A little goes a long way, so you don't have to exaggerate with applying a hairspray.


Why use a finishing hair spray?

To answer the question “what does hairspray do to your hair” once and for all, here are some benefits.

  • Your hair is protected against external influences
  • Your hair will stay in shape throughout the day
  • A hairspray gives you the glossy or matte finish you want
  • Your hair will get a lot more texture
  • Frizzy hair is prevented by hairspray
  • A hairspray can give your hair more volume

How should you use a finishing hair spray?

  1. Make sure your hair is dry before you start
  2. Hold the spray can about 30 cm away from your hair
  3. Spray the hairspray on the place where you want to fix your hair
  4. If necessary, use your fingers to put your hair in the right position
  5. Spray all over your hair to set everything in place

Extra tip from us: if you're looking for more volume, hang upside down while spraying. This way the hairspray can give your hair more body.


What is the best finishing hair spray?

What the best hairspray is differs per person. For example, are you looking for a matte hairspray for men, a hairspray with a strong hold, a hairspray with a light hold, a natural hairspray, etc. Read what the description says for each product and find your best match that way. Of course we have our own favourites!


1. Suavecito Hairspray

This hairspray contains a strong hold that can keep your hair in shape all day long, even if you touch it with your hands. Because this hairspray contains a light formula, it will not become greasy or hard. This hair spray is therefore also ideal for men with thin hair.


2. Hanz de Fuko Style Lock 

It took Hanz de Fuko three years to develop this hairspray to perfection. This natural hair spray contains vegetable extracts and proteins, which also nourishes your hair well. Your hair is well hydrated while it will stay in shape all day long.


3. Beardburys Hairspray - Boomer 2-in-1

This hairspray fixes every hairstyle. You can expect more volume in your hair while the duration of the hold is extended. Because the spray contains a light formula, your hair will not become flat or weigh down. It protects your hair against moisture and will leave a natural finish. This hairspray is also easy to brush out of your hair, without leaving build-up behind.


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