Shaving products

Shaving products are all products that have been specially developed for shaving. Every... read more

Shaving products are all products that have been specially developed for shaving. Every man who ever had a razor should have at least a... read more

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Shaving products

Shaving products are all products that have been specially developed for shaving. Every man who ever had a razor should have at least a few of these shaving products at home. Good shaving products make your shave a lot more comfortable, smoother and the shave smoother. The feeling of professional pampering, but in your own home.



A pre-shave will give you a protective layer on your skin before and during shaving. Preshave will also moisturize your skin well and not dry it out. You have a choice of a pre-shave butter , pre-shave cream , pre-shave gel and pre-shave oil . If you love a good shaving ritual, a preshave will be the perfect base.



Aftershave will provide your skin with optimal refreshment after shaving. Your pores are closed by an aftershave, so ingrown hairs don't stand a chance. You have a choice of an aftershave balm , aftershave lotion , aftershave gel and an aftershave cream. Aftershave will soothe, invigorate and refresh your skin after every shave.



Alum is an ancient natural mineral that contains exceptional characteristics. Due to the disinfecting effect of alum, no inflammation will occur, the PH value of your skin will be restored and alum also offers many nurturing and healing effects. Alum will also immediately staunch blood if things have gone wrong during shaving. You can choose from an alum stone and an alum styptic pencil. Alum is an aftershave developed by mother earth!


Talcum powder

Talcum powder used by many professional barbers before and after shaving. This is not without reason because talcum powder has many benefits. The absorbent effect absorbs sweat, excess oil and grease while your skin is refreshed and soothed. The chance of shaving irritations is considerably reduced and a chapped or burning feeling after shaving will be a thing of the past.


Shaving soap

If you like wet shaving, a shaving soap should not be missing in your ritual. With a shaving soap, you beat shaving cream with a shaving brush up in one shaving bowl . The rich foam of a shaving soap cares for your skin and will make your hair soft and supple. This makes shaving a lot easier and irritations will be a thing of the past. You can choose from hard shaving soap and soft shaving soap.


Shaving cream

Shaving cream is easy to foam into a rich, full shaving foam. Your beard hairs will be softened and shaving will therefore be smoother. Your skin will get an extra protective layer that would make it more difficult for your razor to cause shaving irritations. Due to the many different variants of shaving cream, there is always a good match for everyone.


Shaving gel

If you want to shave safely, you need a shaving product that can smooth your skin. Shaving gel will ensure that a razor can glide smoothly over your skin so that you will not suffer any razor burns or irritations. A good shaving gel will also care for and moisturize your skin.


Shaving oil

Shaving oil will put a protective layer on your skin, but it will also make your beard hairs smoother and softer. This prevents razor burns and shaving irritations, while your skin is hydrated and nourished. The transparent appearance makes it easier to see exactly what you are doing, it offers you more control. Shaving oil contains no chemical or harmful substances and is therefore not only better for your skin, but also for the environment.


Shaving foam

A good shaving foam will moisturize your beard hairs making them softer and therefore easier to shave. A shaving cream is easy to apply to your face and will take little time, which is why many men swear by a good shaving cream. Shaving wounds and shaving irritations are limited because a good shaving cream will put a protective layer over your skin.


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