Top 10 beard balm

Top 10 baardbalsem
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Top 10 beard balm

Unlike a beard oil or a beard wax. A beard balm (also called beard balm or beard balm) is basically a conditioner for your beard. A good beard balm will soften and moisturize your beard and the skin under your beard. This will also prevent irritation and itching at the same time. In addition to its soothing and conditioning function, a beard balm will also make your beard easier to style.

Beard balm is mostly similar in ingredients to a beard oil, but it is a lot thicker than an oil. This makes a beard balm much more suitable for styling your beard.

Who is beard balm suitable for?

Because of its thicker ingredients, a beard balm will be able to tame your beard. This means that a beard balm can be used by all men with all types of beards. If you have a short on patchy beard, beard balm will help your beard look a little fuller. In that case, make sure you take a beard balm with shea butter or beeswax. A beard balm is best suited for men with medium-length beards or long beards. The "regular" beard will certainly be able to tame a beard balm, but if you really have an indomitable primal beard, then a beard wax is more suitable for you.

What's in a good beard balm?

The best beard balm often consists of natural oils and butters, but also contains a firmer ingredient like beeswax. This makes your beard easy to style. The following natural ingredients are often found in the best beard balms:

  • Shea butter
  • Coconut butter
  • Beeswax
  • Cocoa butter
  • Mango butter
  • Aloe vera
  • Argan oil
  • Almond oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Coconut oil

Actually, we could put all natural oils and butters here! Think of it as a kind of shopping list. Anything natural is good in this case. So if you spot several of these types of oils and butters in your beard balm, then you are in the right direction.

What are the best brands of beard balm?

Now you may ask yourself "what is the best beard balm?" Of course, taste is up for debate, but as far as we are concerned, it should be a beard balm with natural and nourishing ingredients. Fortunately, we have quite a few of those! We're going to list the brands of our best beard balms below.


This Moroccan family business is known for 1 ingredient: the highest quality argan oil. Azbane is the single largest producer and supplier of this rare oil. This oil can only be extracted in a certain part of Morocco! The argan oil can be found in all of Azbane's products. All ingredients used by the family-owned company are natural and good for your hair/beard. The products are free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, colorant, etc. Azbane is a star at putting together high-quality oil blends so you don't have to worry about the condition of your hair or beard. Azbane makes sure that irritation and itching in your beard is a thing of the past.


The Beviro brand originated in the Czech Republic. This is where Beviro started to make inroads as a cosmetic brand for men with fine products, including good beard balm. Their products are as natural as possible with as few compromises as possible. Beviro wants to be transparent and as clear as possible. You will also never see a helluva long ingredient list from the Czech brand. Difficult terms and indecipherable formulas are a thing of the past if it's up to Beviro.

Captain Fawcett

This brand is known for its premium grooming products for men, specializing in beards and mustaches. Captain Fawcett originated in Norfolk, England and has a premium line full of exclusive and high-quality products. They do have a good product released for all types of beards, so no beard is left out. Captain Fawcett's beard products are made for the discerning man who knows exactly what 's looking for.

OAK Beard Care

The German family business from Berlin still makes authentic beard products made by hand. The special technique OAK Beard Care uses is too versatile to automate, which of course makes it a lot more special. All products have its own unique twist and are often completely innovative formulas. OAK Beard Care puts a lot of time, energy and attention into developing products that truly have a high standard of quality. The ingredients, fragrances and materials all have to be approved before they actually use it. The existing products are still regularly rechecked to see if the quality standard is still high enough. So OAK Beard Care is definitely not your average brand, but a passionate brand that stands by what it promises.

Shear Revival

This brand was founded by barbers with years of experience and knowledge of this industry. Shear Revival has a large assortment that includes high-quality beard products. The products are well developed and manufactured and this is reflected in the popularity of the brand. Shear Revival has a strong work ethic and their batches are still made by hand in their own laboratory to this day. This ensures that they can deliver quality time after time because they know exactly what goes into their products. The brand's goal is to create safe, healthy and nourishing products suitable for everyday use, all ages, all ethnicities and all types of beards. Shear Revival's products are all-time bestsellers and we understand that better than anyone.

Solomon's Beard

And again: it's all in the name. Solomon' s Beard is an Italian brand that works in an authentic way. Founded by the faces behind the Barber Shop Crew, a group of seasoned barbers from Italy. The men started creating natural and unique products for your hearth and beard. They surprise even the most demanding man with their products. Solomon's Beard collaborates with various experts in an artisanal laboratory. Because of this, they manage to create beautiful and unique beard products time after time. Their products contain a wonderful fragrance and will not weigh your beard down or make it greasy. What the products do is make your beard shiny, soft and above all irresistible!

ZEW For Men

Adventurers, nature lovers and backpackers: this is your brand. Originated from an idea during a hike in the mountains. Other brands simply did not live up to the adventure lifestyle that the men behind ZEW for Men also have, so they decided to develop products themselves. Products that were suitable for outdoor use. Not surprisingly, ZEW for Men uses nature as its biggest inspiration and the formulas are all completely natural. But the adventure doesn't stop there, as the scents of nature can also be smelled in their products. Of course, the packaging is also zero waste. It is safe to say that ZEW for Men products are good for nature, your body and yourself.