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lip balm

In recent years, more and more men choose to pay special attention to their lips and take good care of them. There are various types of lip balm for men available. Which products are these? How do these care products work? And why is it important to take men's lip care seriously?

Types of lip balm for men

When you are looking for a suitable lip balm as a man, there is quite a lot to choose from. The three most common types of lip care products for men are sticks of lip balm, lip balm in jars that can be spread on the lips with your fingers, and finally, squeeze bottles that you can get lip balm out of by squeezing.

The balm sticks are the easiest to use. At the bottom is a rotary knob, which raises a balm stick that you can use to lubricate your lips with a soothing cream. Well-known brands that sell lipsticks for men include Acca Kappa , arcadian , YES Brand and Salt & Stone .

Jars of lip balm are also a second option. This spreadable lip balm is available in all kinds of delicious scents and flavors, such as lavender, coconut or mint. Respected quality brand where you can go for lip balm in jars mr. Bear Family , Captain Fawcett and Grown Alchemist .

Finally, if you like, you can also opt for lip cream in small squeeze bottles. Among the top brands that offer squeeze bottles are Anthony , Malin + Goetz , Medik8 and Baxter of California .

You see: there is plenty of choice if you are looking for professional lip balm as a man. But how exactly does lip balm work?

How does lip balm work?

Lip balm is made of special nourishing ingredients that give the skin a boost when it is struggling. Especially in autumn and winter, men's lips have a hard time. If your lips are dry and the harsh autumn wind rubs against your mouth, chaps and cracks will appear that can be very painful. By using a lip balm, the sensitive skin of your lips quickly receives the right nutrients to recover. In addition to cold temperatures, warm, humid conditions can also cause sore lips and cracks in the skin. Even then, a good lip balm helps to quickly relieve the pain and to allow the skin to recover.

Lip balm benefits

Lip balm has some interesting benefits. In the first place, lip balm helps to provide the lips with an extra layer of protection. This makes your lips more resistant to harsh weather conditions, heat and sun. If you regularly use lip balm as a man, the chance of dry, red, painful and cracked lips is much smaller. If you want extra protection against sunburn, use one lip balm with SPF .

Lip balm is also ideal for soothing the pain of chapped lips and helping the wounds heal quickly. Lip balm therefore not only works preventively, but also helps to address existing aches and problems. Finally, the beauty of a lip balm for men is that these are invisible. Spread your lip balm so that it is not visible to others.


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