The beard can no longer be ignored from the street scene. You have them in...> read more

The beard can no longer be ignored from the street scene. You have them in all shapes, sizes, lengths and hair types. A tight beard...> read more


Why use beard products?

The beard can no longer be ignored from the street scene. You have them in all shapes, sizes, lengths and hair types. A tight beard often arises within the walls of a barber shop where good beard products are used.

Beard products make your hair a lot softer and smoother. In addition, irritations, itching and redness are prevented. Your beard will get a healthy shine and your underlying skin will also be cared for and hydrated. Only praise for beard products!

You can take care of your beard in many different ways, all of which have their specific purpose. There is a good match for every beard or every skin type.


When should I start beard care?

We always advise not to trim or cut your beard for at least three weeks. Not all hairs grow at the same speed. If you start trimming or cutting your beard earlier, you have a chance of a very crooked effect.

You can, however, clean and moisturize your beard hair in the first few weeks so that you limit itching as much as possible. Use the best beard products for this. A beard shampoo and beard balm are of great importance. A beard balm is slightly less nourishing than a beard oil, but it does soften your skin and hair and it is easier to distribute.


How do I take care of my beard?

Grooming the beard consists of a number of parts. You need to maintain your beard (trim, cut and shave), wash with a special beard shampoo, nourish, moisturize and style. are you doing this? Then we assure you that you will get an enviable, healthy beard.

If you decide to grow a beard, you must of course buy the right beard products!


Step 1: Maintain beard

Keeping track of your beard is done with one beard trimmer , beard scissors and razor. Immediately beard scissors cut away the longest tufts. Then you start with a trimmer on the least short setting. You always start with the longest part of your beard. Now you can trim the entire beard.

Then go against the direction of hair growth again to remove skipped hairs. Now repeat with a shorter setting if necessary and continue until your beard has the desired length.

It razor use to create the right line on your neck and remove all hair from the throat and neck. With a beard shaper you can easily determine the right line and shave right along it. Such a good razor should therefore not be missing from your line of beard products.


Step 2: Wash beard

You only wash your beard with one beard shampoo . This is a mild shampoo that removes dirt and excess sebum from your beard without removing the body's own (and especially healthy) oils. This prevents dry underlying skin, dry hard beard hairs and therefore a lot of itching and irritation. We definitely recommend cleaning your beard two to three times a week. This depends a bit on your lifestyle. Do you sweat a lot or do you deal with a lot of dirt because of your work, for example? Then wash it more often and find your own washing rhythm.


Step 3: Grooming beard

Feeding a beard is necessary to maintain a healthy, soft and beautiful beard. The underlying skin provides the hair with sufficient fats. When your beard hairs grow, that's not enough. This results in dry skin and dry beard hairs. Feeding your beard always happens after washing when your beard is dry again.

A good beard oil can then be rubbed into your beard. For the longer beards, a beard comb is used to distribute the oil well. For the shorter beards, your hands are enough. A beard brush can also be used. Is your beard still very short and a beard oil too greasy? Then use a beard balm. This is easy to apply and slightly less intensive than a beard oil.


Step 4: Styling beard

Is your beard long enough to style? Then you can use beard balm to style your beard. Spread a beard balm in your beard and then comb your beard into shape. For a stronger hold you can use a beard wax.


Keeping up your beard

Which beard products do you use for the short stubble beard?

For the shorter beard, our advice is to at least wash your beard with a beard shampoo, nourish it with a light beard oil (or beard balm) and brush it occasionally. This way you remove dead skin cells and ensure that the hair remains nice and soft. The Alpha Men offers a complete beard care set for short beards , which contains the essential starter items to take care of your short beard! 


How do I care for a wild and thick beard?

Some men have very thick and wild beard hairs that cannot be kept in shape all day with just a beard balm. Now you don't have to put a subtle tail in it like Dumbledore. Fortunately, you can keep your hair in check with the following tips:

  • Wash your beard with beard shampoo
  • Then treat it with a beard conditioner
  • Now grab a hair dryer and beard comb
  • While you comb your beard into shape with a beard comb, aim a warm hairdryer at your beard
  • Smooth through your beard enough and continue blow-drying until your beard is completely dry
  • Then you can use a beard balm or beard wax keep your beard in shape


Wash your beard

Which beard products should I wash my beard with?

Beard hairs and your underlying skin are a lot more sensitive than on your head. A normal shampoo is generally a lot more aggressive. If you use it for your beard, you will end up with a very dry, hard, wild and unkempt beard, with all the irritation that comes with it.

A beard shampoo contains ingredients that leave the body's own fats and often still contains ingredients that are good for the beard hairs. In addition, there is always a nice scent to beard shampoo that makes your beard smell wonderfully fresh and masculine.


Taking care of your beard

Which beard products should I use to care for my beard?

Which beard products to buy to keep your beard well-groomed and healthy? Let's put them together for the sake of completeness.

  • Beard shampoo: for mild cleansing and moisturizing
  • Beard scissors and beard trimmer: keeping & shaping
  • Beard oil: for deeply nourishing and moisturizing
  • Beard balm: nourishment and styling
  • Beard comb: remove flakes and dirt, distribute beard oil


How do I prevent an itchy beard?

Itching occurs because the skin is no longer able to nourish your beard hairs sufficiently and on its own. This makes your beard hairs and underlying skin dry and flakes arise. These flakes irritate and the beard hairs also become hard, causing them to itch.

You can one itchy beard prevent this by brushing your chin occasionally and then nourishing it with a beard oil or beard balm. The brush removes the flakes so that the new skin can absorb new nutrients very well. Then the beard oil or beard balm is also well absorbed.

Do you still have a very short beard? Then the hairs are often still a bit sharp and hard. You can use a conditioner to soften the hairs a little extra. This also reduces the itching a bit.


With which beard products can I keep my beard soft?

You keep your beard soft by cleaning it with a mild beard shampoo and a beard conditioner to use. These products contain ingredients that make the beard hair nice and soft. In addition, good care with a beard oil or beard balm is essential to make the hair soft. A well-moisturized beard becomes soft.


Why use a beard oil?

A beard oil ensures that the beard hairs and underlying skin are supplied with sufficient nutrients. The ingredients moisturize and protect your beard. Beard oil is necessary because the underlying skin alone cannot sufficiently nourish the beard hairs when your beard hairs grow. It prevents your skin from itching, irritating or flaking.

When your beard hairs grow, your skin will have to work extra hard to keep the hair healthy and hydrated. That is why this extra care with these beard products is really necessary. In addition, it makes the hair nice and soft and gives it a healthy shine. Beard oil often makes your beard smell nice too.


Why use a beard balm?

When the beard is a bit longer, you want to keep it well-groomed or perhaps style it in a classic or fashionable way. With a beard balm you create control over the hair. The beard balm keeps your beard in shape. A beard balm also contains nourishing and soothing ingredients. So it can be used for both purposes.


Style your beard

Why use a beard brush?

The beard brush can be seen as a scrub. It cleanses and softens your underlying skin. Impurities go out of the beard and your beard becomes very soft. The beard brush also removes dander and dead skin cells. This ensures that your underlying skin and beard hairs can optimally absorb the nutrients from your products. An indispensable product for a well-groomed beard!

A beard brush helps spread the oil through your beard and stimulates blood circulation, which in turn stimulates your beard growth. If you want to buy beard products, don't forget the beard brush!


Why use a beard comb?

Of course you can with one beard comb comb your beard into shape. But the beard comb is also very useful when you want to spread beard oil well through the hair. The oil is thus evenly distributed over all hairs. Something that never works so well with the hands.


Can I use beard products for the moustache?

We don't compare apples and oranges, so neither mustache nor beard. We have separate products for the care of the mustache. Hydration and nourishment can still be done well with a beard balm or beard oil, but for styling a mustache you need one mustache wax necessary. It's about the same product as a beard balm or wax, but harder. Very good to use if you want to curl your mustache or just get rid of your upper lip.


Tips and tricks.