Top 10 shaving brushes

Top 10 scheerkwasten
Image of product Shaving Brush Rytmo - Graudas
Shaving Brush Rytmo - Graudas


Image of product Shaving Brush Traditional - Silvertip
Shaving Brush Traditional - Silvertip


Image of product Shaving brush Roma - Colosseo
Image of product Shaving Brush Classic - Silvertip
Image of product Shaving brush Deco - Synthetic
Image of product Shaving brush Trafalgar T2 - Synthetic
Image of product Shaving brush Trafalgar T3 - Synthetic
Image of product Shaving Brush Gustav - Black - Pure Badger
Image of product Shaving brush Gustav - Havana - Pure Badger
Image of product Shaving Brush Theo - Dark Ash Wood - Pure Badger

Top 10 shaving brushes

Keeping a beard neat and tidy requires maintenance. Having a beard means that you will have to keep it up and trim and shave it every so often. You will need the right tools for this, such as a fine shaving brush. A shaving brush can make your entire shaving ritual comfortable, softer and smoother, making it indispensable for any man who enjoys wet shaving.


Different types of shaving brushes

Shaving brushes come in different shapes and sizes. The bristles of the shaving brush are the most important feature and also the bristles can be quite different from each other in quality.


Badger hair shaving brushes

Badger hair shaving brushes are known for their quality of being able to absorb a lot of water. This creates a thick and rich lather that softens your beard hairs.

The quality of badger hair can also be divided into three categories: silvertip badger hair, super badger badger hair and best badger badger hair. Silvertip badger hairs are high end hairs and are therefore often a bit pricier. Super badger badger hairs are slightly thicker than the silvertip and make your shaving experience a bit more robust. The hairs of the best badger shaving brushes come from the belly of the badger and are again a bit more flexible.


Synthetic shaving brushes

The synthetic shaving brush has started a revolution among shaving brushes. These shaving brushes are made of synthetic hair that offer a worthy alternative to animal hair.

Synthetic top-end shaving brushes today are virtually indistinguishable from animal hair in terms of quality. In terms of appearance, softness, absorption and comfort, the best synthetic shaving brushes are the best option today. Extra nice for both your shaving experience, but also for the world.


Bristle shaving brushes

Pig bristle shaving brushes are thicker and more robust than a synthetic or badger hair shaving brush. As a result, your shave will also be a bit firmer and more robust. Also, hog hair has the quality to absorb and lather hard shaving soap better.

Over time, the best quality hog bristle shaving brush will get split ends and this is actually positive. In fact, your shave will become a bit softer and more comfortable due to the split ends. Because of this quality, a pig bristle shaving brush will last you a long time.


What is the best shaving brush?

What the best shaving brush is depends on what exactly you are looking for. Therefore, always keep in mind whether you prefer a gentle shave or a robust one. Is it important to you not to use animal hair? Do you want a shaving brush that will last with you for decades? Delve into the bristles of a shaving brush and then you will find your best match. It is also important to look at the size and handle of your shaving brush.



Do you want a large shaving brush or do you want a compact shaving brush? Think carefully about this in advance. You have shaving brushes in different sizes, but you often see a 22mm, 24mm or 26mm shaving brush. You also have them larger or smaller.

Large shaving brushes will create more lather with fewer movements and it will be easier to apply the shaving cream to your face. However, more compact shaving brushes are a lot easier to carry around and are therefore ideal to carry in your toiletry bag when you travel.



You also have ample choice in terms of handles. You have different shapes of handles, as well as many different materials. You can choose a handle made of modern chrome, classic wood or elegant ivory. You also often have the choice between combinations of these materials that can give your shaving brush a sophisticated and modern look.