Pair of scissors

Pair of scissors

Hairdressing scissors, also known as professional hair scissors, are specially designed scissors used by hairdressers and hair stylists for cutting and styling hair. Unlike regular scissors, hairdressing scissors are specifically designed to cut through hair with precision without damaging or splitting it.

These hair tools are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium, which ensure a longer life and sharpness of the scissors. They come in a variety of lengths, from about 5 to 7 inches, depending on the hairdresser's preference and the type of cutting technique used.

Types of hairdressing scissors:

There are several types of hairdressing scissors available, each with their own unique features and uses.

  1. Straight Scissors: These are the most common shears used for hair cutting. They have two equal, straight blades and are ideal for creating clean lines and precise cuts.

  2. Thinning shears: These shears have teeth on one side of the blade, while the other side has a normal shear blade. They are used to remove excess hair and create natural texture and movement without changing the length.

  3. Thinning shears: Similar to thinning shears, but with teeth on both sides of the blade. Thinning shears are used to add fine layers and texture to the hair without removing much length.

  4. Curved Scissors: These scissors have a curved blade and are mainly used for cutting complex shapes and creating precise angles.

Importance of maintenance:

To prolong the life of hairdressing scissors and to ensure optimum performance, regular maintenance is essential. Maintenance includes cleaning, oiling, sharpening and proper storage of the scissors. By properly maintaining the scissors, barbers and hair stylists can achieve consistent and precise results with every haircut.


Hairdressing scissors are an indispensable tool for both professional hairstylists and home hairdressers. It is specially designed for cutting and styling hair with precision and without damage. There are different types of hairdressing scissors available, such as straight scissors, thinning scissors, thinning scissors and curved scissors. To maintain the life and performance of hairdressing scissors, it is important to carry out regular maintenance, such as cleaning


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