Beard butter

Beard butter

Beard butter is anything but Bona or Zeeland Girl. No doubt you use beard balm and your good one beard oil but there is also very fine beard butter. Also called, beard butter. This is a spreadable soft deep conditioner for your beard. A good beard butter generally consists of natural butters and oils that are beneficial for your beard and underlying skin.

The main ingredients in beard butter are mango, coconut, avocado or shea butter and the natural carrier oils present. Beard butter therefore has a creamy structure. Due to its very healthy properties, you should get a beard butter as soon as possible beard care set add. So buy Beard Butter!


What is beard butter good for?

The function of beard butter and the natural components present are intended to take good care of your beard and the underlying skin. But what exactly does beard butter do?

  • Nourishes your beard hair to the root
  • Deeply moisturizes your beard and underlying skin
  • Soften your beard hairs
  • Provides a full beard
  • Prevents beard itch, dry skin and beard rose
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Gives your beard a healthy shine

In short, you grooming beard you do just that with a fine caring beard butter!


How do you use beard butter?

It is best to use your beard butter after you have washed your beard with a beard shampoo . Pat it dry with a clean towel and it's ready to receive the beard butter.

You take a lick from the jar and rub it warm between your fingers and hands. Once it is liquid, you can easily massage it into your beard hair. Also immediately grab the skin because it is also directly fed by the beard butter to the hair follicles.


What is the difference between beard butter, beard wax and beard balm?

A beard butter is mainly intended to deeply nourish and condition your beard hairs and the underlying skin. The soft beard butter only gives a light fixation to your beard. A good beard balm certainly nourishes and hydrates, but with this you can style your beard a little more.

This has to do with the mix of ingredients such as the extra beeswax present. With a good one beard balm can you tame your beard hairs a little more by kneading them into shape.

The best way to style your beard is with a good one beard wax . This is harder in substance and, due to the large number of beeswax present, it is able to massage your beard well into shape. However, a beard wax gives less nutrition and hydration to your beard. But you can compensate for that by, for example, pampering your beard with beard oil first.


Good to know

In addition to a beard shampoo, it is also a great idea to have a good one beard soap to add to your beard care arsenal. Together with a high quality beard butter you give your beard the best TLC.

Tip: because of the lack of wax you always keep a beard butter in a cool place! Butter becomes liquid sooner due to heat. So don't leave it on the windowsill in the summer… Buy Beard butter? Check out all natural variants on our virtual shelves.


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