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Badger hair shaving brush

If you are a fan of classic shaving, then a shaving brush badger hair is definitely something for you! For a wet shave, you need a shaving brush to create and apply shaving foam using shaving soap or shaving cream on your face. The advantage of a badger hair shaving brush is that this type of brush absorbs a lot of water. This quickly creates a beautiful foam texture. Moreover, the shaving brush feels very pleasant on your skin, you can feel the luxury!


What is a badger hair shaving brush?

A badger hair shaving brush is made from hair from the badger. These bristles are soft and easily absorb water, creating a lot of foam. The quality of the badger hair differs and depends on where the hair comes from, namely the neck, back or belly of the badger. The softest hairs – from the neck and back – have the highest quality. The hairs of the abdomen are thicker and firmer. The brushes made with hair from the belly are still of excellent quality, but are more affordable.

A shaving brush made of real badger hair is a luxury product that lasts a long time, provided you take good care of it. IIn any case, never use hot water for this shaving brush, because it will damage the binding of the hairs at the handle.


What types of badger hair shaving brushes are there?

Of course, there are several types of badger hair shaving brushes. From the highest quality silver tip shaving brushes to the affordable best badger shaving brushes.


Silvertip badger hair shaving brushes

The best quality is offered by the brushes with Silvertip badger hair, also known as silver tip badger hair. The selection of these hairs is extremely strict, so not many hairs make it through the selection. At least then you know that all hairs have been selected with precision.

You can recognize these super soft bristles by the silver top and the black band. These bristles of hair from the back/neck area of ​​the badger retain moisture particularly well and have a high foaming capacity. In this category you will find the most expensive and most luxurious brushes.


Super Badger shaving brushes

The slightly more affordable Super Badger brushes are also very soft and supple and made with hair from the back of the badger.


Best Badger shaving brushes

A Best Badger brush - with the flexible bristles of the belly part - offers good quality and is the cheapest variant of the three. The hair of a Best Badger is slightly thicker than that of the Super Badger and the Silvertip.

Our badger hair shaving brushes are available in different sizes, from small to large. The handles are made of various materials, such as chrome, polished precious resin, plum wood and ash wood. Would you rather not use products of animal origin? You can also opt for a shaving brush with synthetic bristles. They are also soft and elastic and the hairs feel almost the same as badger hair.


This is how you use and clean a shaving brush with badger hair

Use the shaving brush on a clean face that you have just cleaned. Wet your face with lukewarm water and also moisten the shaving brush with lukewarm water. You put a little shaving cream or shaving soap on the brush, which you then smooth over your face with gentle movements. Leave the lather on for at least a minute to soften your beard hairs. When you've finished shaving, rinse the shaving brush thoroughly. Then dry it off or blow it dry. Hang the brush upside down in the special holder, which is preferably in a dry room.

Our shaving brushes are from well-known brush makers, such as the German Mühle and St. James's from London. They have a stylish design and are comfortable to hold. Get ready for a great shaving experience with a badger hair shaving brush!


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