Everything about wet shaving + step-by-step plan

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Wet shaving is shaving with shaving soap or shaving oil and various supplies such as a shaving brush and a shaving bowl. This is in contrast to "dry shaving," where men only use an electric razor. In this article, we will explain to you exactly what wet shaving is, the benefits of wet shaving, what you need and how to proceed.

What is wet shaving?

The name may give away the answer, but in case there is any doubt, wet shaving basically means "shaving with water." So there is no electric razor involved. A traditional wet shave also requires some form of shaving soap or cream to effectively lather your face. Also involved is a shaving brush. This can be a traditionally made shaving brush with badger hair, hog hair, horse hair or synthetic bristles. A traditional wet shave involves using a single blade razor. Wet shaving can be done with either an open razor or a safety razor.

While traditional wet shaving may at first seem a bit more expensive than using a razor and/or modern disposable razors, in fact it does not have to be. A single expense is usually enough to last for months. Besides, it's all about your face, so it's worth the investment!

Why wet shaving?

Men who have experience with wet shaving are more than aware of the benefits of wet shaving. After all, a traditional wet shave gives a smoother result and a cleaner feeling skin than using a device or disposable blade.

Reduced discomfort

Wet shaving can also help you reduce the uncomfortable effects of shaving, such as ingrown hairs. Although many men think they have sensitive skin as a result of shaving irritation and other side effects of shaving, in fact it is probably only due to the type of razor and products used. Most of the negative effects of shaving result from not having the right, mostly inexpensive products.

Is comparatively cheaper

In fact, wet shaving can be significantly cheaper than using multi-blade plastic razors. While a safety razor and shaving brush can be an investment, replacement blades are much cheaper for safety razors, and shaving soaps and creams last much longer than a shaving cream or gel you use with disposable blades.

It is a fun activity

Many men have gone before you and traded in their modern razors and/or their razor for traditional wet shaving. All in all, traditional wet shaving is less hassle and will give you more pleasure. Careful shaving with quality products, which have a more luxurious feel, will not only give you better results, but will also make shaving itself much more fun to do!

Bottom line; wet shaving is a much better shave that reduces or manages to prevent skin irritation.

Wet shaving step-by-step

Now we are going to explain to you step by step how to make your traditional wet shave successful.

What you need

  • Lukewarm water
    Water is essential, it softens your beard, lubricates your pores and prepares your face for a shave. There are men who like to shave at the sink, after a nice hot shower. This is ideal, of course, since the whiskers and beard have just been warmed up and cleaned. But it is also a good idea to skip the shower and just put a nice warm towel on your chin.
  • Shaving brush
    You use a shaving brush to create the lather and apply it to your face. In terms of shaving brush you have the choice of badger, horse, boar and synthetic hair, it just depends on which kind of brush best suits your face and needs.
  • Shaving bowl
    Using a shaving bowl is not essential, but it does allow you to create the best shaving foam.
  • Shaving soap or cream
    While wet shaving, you obviously want to use a quality soap or cream to whip up a shaving lather with your shaving brush. For most men, we recommend starting with creams - as it is very easy to whip up a nice bowl full.

    Whether you use a soap or a cream, it is important to whip up a shaving cream that resembles whipped cream. To do this, you may need to vary the amount of water on your shaving brush a bit to figure out what amount creates the best lather.
  • Razor
    Just one blade - as long as it is sharp - will do just fine and is much less irritating to the skin than a razor that has multiple blades on it. We recommend using a type of razor with one blade, a Safety Razor being the best step. Want to go straight for the real thing? That is also possible with an open razor or straight razor.
  • Alum, aftershave
    It is wise to finish your traditional shave with a splash of cold water which will soothe and close your pores. Then you can use a fine aftershave. When your skin is soft and sensitive, you want your aftershave to be alcohol-free to avoid irritation. A good aftershave soothes and moisturizes your skin.

Our top wet shaving tips

Getting started

  1. Start by applying a lukewarm wet towel or taking a shower to soften your hair and skin.
  2. Some men find applying a pre-shave oil or lotion helpful to create a super-smooth face before applying the shaving cream.
  3. Whip up a shaving cream from shaving soap or a traditional shaving cream in a bowl, mug or directly on the face with a shaving brush. This not only creates a lot of lather, but it lifts the hair from the face for a super smooth shave.
  4. Many men find that it is ideal to do multiple passes with a safety razor or an open razor and apply cream between passes. It is best to shave with the grain, over the grain and finally against the grain if your skin is not overly sensitive.
  5. Finish your shave with a nice cool rinse to remove excess shaving cream, and then apply an aftershave if necessary. If you really want to smell good all day, add a little cologne!