Powder brush

Powder brush

When you have a good product, you need a good tool. This also applies to applying your face powder . A powder brush will make the whole process a bit neater, more beautiful and more even.

What is a powder brush?

A powder brush is a special brush that has been developed to apply your face powder as evenly as possible. You powder your face with a face powder to mattify your face or to reduce the size of your pores.

Using a powder brush is quite simple and the result of applying your light make-up product will be twice as beautiful.

How should you use a powder brush?

Start by grabbing everything you need; in this case face powder and the powder brush. Then pick up some powder with the bristles by lightly moving it through the powder. Tap off the excess powder from your brush and then start applying the powder to your face. After use, clean your powder brush with water and possibly a light soap. Let it dry and it's ready for next time!

The advantages of a powder brush

  • Applies powder more easily
  • Ensures an even whole
  • You don't transfer germs from your hands to your face
  • Your foundation and face powder will last longer
  • The powder is firmer on your face


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