Beard Comb vs Beard Brush: Which One Should You Use?

Baardkam vs Baardborstel: Welke moet jij gebruiken?

A beard comb and a beard brush are 2 different tools for your beard hair. But what exactly are the differences and which one is best to use for your beard? After all, your beard is an essential part of your identity, so you always want it to look its best!

Whether you have a full beard or just an extra accent on your face, your beard plays a prominent role in your appearance. After reading this article, you'll know exactly what the differences are between a beard comb and a beard brush and which one to use when.

What is a beard comb?

As the word implies, a beard comb is a comb for your beard hair. Beard combs are usually smaller than regular hair combs and have thicker teeth, which are further apart.

With a beard comb you can guide beard hair in the right direction and gently remove tangles. In fact, the beard comb allows you to style the beard. Applying beard oil also becomes a breeze when you use a beard comb.

When you use the comb properly, you will feel the teeth of the beard comb going over your skin. This is excellent for blood flow to the skin, which in turn is good for the hair follicles of your beard hairs. You can feel it coming; a beard comb will ensure the growth and well-being of your beard!

Just make sure that your beard has had at least 3 months to grow. If you haven't hit the 3-month mark yet, your beard hairs may still be a bit on the short side for pampering with the beard comb.

Advantages of the beard comb

  1. The beard comb is easy to take with you due to its compact size.
  2. A beard comb is ideal for distributing beard oil throughout the beard.
  3. A beard comb ensures good blood circulation
  4. A beard comb is ideal for longer beards
  5. A beard comb is great for detangling and getting rid of knots
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What is a beard brush?

A beard brush is a special brush for your beard. The bristles on a beard brush are many times closer together than on a beard comb. This is necessary so that you can be sure to reach all your beard hairs. Using a beard brush makes grooming your beard just a piece of a cake. So with this tool, you can quickly groom your beard with ease.

The bristles of a beard brush are stiff, stimulating the skin under the beard. A beard brush helps against an itchy beard and beard dandruff. Also, this tool creates more volume and model in your beard and removes dirt in a smooth way.

Advantages of a beard brush

  1. A beard brush helps prevent itching and dandruff.
  2. A beard brush adds texture and volume to your beard.
  3. A beard brush stimulates hair growth.
  4. A beard brush prevents hair breakage.
  5. A beard brush makes your beard hairs less "wild".
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What are the differences between a beard comb and a beard brush?

A beard comb and a beard brush are used for two different purposes. A beard brush is made for softening your beard, cleaning it and exfoliating the underlying skin.

A beard brush has a very different shape, which makes styling your beard difficult. A comb, on the other hand, consists of a solid piece with coarse teeth. Therefore, a comb is meant for styling your beard and removing tangles from your beard.

Some men prefer to use a beard brush, while others, on the other hand, prefer to use a beard comb. Both beard tools have their advantages and disadvantages.

When to use a beard comb?

  • Works best on a beard at least 3 months old
  • Styling? Use a beard comb
  • Trimming your beard hair? A beard comb can help

When to use a beard brush?

  • A boar bristle brush is ideal for conditioning and cleaning your beard.
  • Use a beard brush if your beard is short
  • Using a brush will train your beard hair in a certain direction
  • A beard brush works perfectly if you want more volume in your beard

What are the properties of the different materials that beard combs/beard brushes are made of?

Beard combs are available in various materials such as plastic, metal, stainless steel, wood and buffalo horn. A wide choice and each product has its own fan base. It is of course up to you which type of product you like best but it can't hurt to (re)orientate yourself well first.

Each compound has its pluses and minuses. Comfort is also determined by the different raw materials the beard comb is produced from. External influences such as sunlight and moisture/water can have adverse effects on the performance of the various materials. We will come back to this in a moment.

Beard combs made of buffalo horn, pear, sandal or olive wood are mostly high-quality instruments for optimal beard grooming. Made entirely of natural materials, these utensils are also very comfortable to use.

Traditionally, the beard comb was also made of bone. As many sustainable (vegan) materials are now available and the production with the use of "bone" takes more time, these are the most expensive products in the market and are actually sold much less today.

Buffalo horn

Then the buffalo horn beard comb. Very popular with the passionate beard fanatic. Its chemical composition and molecular structure is similar to that of our own hair and nails. Horn is naturally non-static so the beard comb glides through your beard like hot butter.

The ultimate tool for keeping your beard in top condition safely and comfortably. Horn will also not easily damage or splinter, minimizing the risk of damaging beard hairs.


As far as we, and many users, are concerned, a beard comb made of wood is an excellent alternative to the horn one. Although it is important to make a good choice of what type of wood your beard instrument is made of. Pear, sandal or olive wood, for example, are excellent choices.

Cheaper varieties of "noise tree wood" have a significantly shorter lifespan. There is also a chance that a lesser (read: softer) quality type of wood will damage quickly, putting you at risk of killing your beard. Torn to shreds. Or worse, damaging your skin. With a splinter through the winter. Or at the emergency room...


Finally, then, there are the plastic and metal varieties. Simple plastic ones that are handy on the go. An extra set for in the glove compartment or for in the leather case of your vintage motorcycle. Then again, you can lose them "on the road. During Pinkpop. Hurts a little less when you accidentally lose them. Instead of your cherished buffalo horn variant.

Of course there is also the tasteful Rhodoid. A vintage plastic with superior properties that allows you to rinse oil, balm or our other beard products off the comb and massage them organically into your beard.


Sublimely polished stainless steel is more or less indestructible and also comes in stylish varieties.

Sweden's Mr. Bear Family, for example, has a high-quality collection that many swear by. Stainless steel and metal are harder materials and therefore you must be careful not to work too roughly, especially with the metal unpolished variant. Chances of damage are then present.

Enough choice of various high-quality tools that, once you've made the right choice, your beard can't live without.


When using beard combs made of horn and wood, you should always be careful with wetness. Keeping your beard comb made of these materials on your shelf 24/7 in a relatively damp bathroom can have a negative impact on your instrument.

Too much humidity in this room can cause wood to warp and horn can start to smell foul at some point. So good to know because if you take this into account you will extend the life of your beard gear.

The beard brush

This beard care tool usually consists of the plastic and wooden grip.

They come in various shapes and designs but the majority of men find the beard brush in oval shape the most comfortable to hold. And then preferably made of, say, pear or bamboo wood.

Most important are the bristles you use to groom and shape your beard. You can choose the synthetic variety, but the most commonly used are boar bristle beard br ushes or hog bristle or a mix of these with polyester bristles.

As for the longevity of these instruments, again the same applies as for the beard combs made of wood and horn: be careful not to leave them in a (too) humid bathroom to consume H2O on the shelf. The glue of the bristles can easily come off at some point.

Also with synthetic brushes. Wood can start to work causing the shape of the brush to change or even deform and break.

Good luck testing your favorite beard tools!

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