How do you prevent and treat razor burn properly?

Hoe voorkom en behandel je scheerwondjes op de juiste manier?

Of course, it doesn't have to end in a tearful circumcision but while shaving you always run the risk of a cut. One of those irritating little shaving wounds. Just letting the blade maneuver the wrong way across the skin. Or you use a blunt (disposable) blade and there's JAAP.

Haste is never a good idea either. Using a knife to quickly brave the face. You know. Speeding is Bleeding. But bloody events like this are eminently preventable. And if you do accidentally cause an indentation in the neck, we can also guide you through a bleeding session.

What are common mistakes made while shaving?

You can get a shaving session completely wrong from the start. For example, by not making the proper preparations. Not preparing the skin for a shave by warming it properly first. Not taking the blade seriously is another example.

Using a blunt blade is a bad shave.

Stroking against hair growth is also asking for the better demolition of the skin. It could also be that you have just let the beard hairs grow too long so that even with a sharp blade you are bushwhacking too much. If so, a beard trimmer would certainly come out so you can tightly shorten the beard hairs before letting the blade do its job.

You're using too little or the wrong shaving soap, gel or foam. And asking yourself why you look battered every week.

Fri, it's all excellently preventable.

Just read.

What is the best way to prevent razor bumps?

Let's take you by the hand and lay out an easy step-by-step plan for you:

  • Wash with hot water - Pores open up, which makes removing beard hairs much easier.
  • Use a preshave - This will prepare the skin, beard hairs and follicles perfectly for the shaving session.
  • Use a good quality shaving soap with shaving brush.
  • Try a traditional Safety Razor. Equipped with double edge blade razors. For example, the vaunted Muhle R89. Shaving with these instruments is substantially different from a commercial disposable cartridge blade. These are serious shaving systems that put weight on the skin. They glide naturally across the face and smoothly shave the stubble resulting in smooth skin
  • Always shave with the beard growth - If you don't do this you can cause razor burn in most cases. Painful redness. And, of course, razor burn or other irritation.

What is the best way to treat razor burn?

If you go to work with professional shaving materials you minimize the chance of war wounds. But suppose that in a moment of carelessness you do give yourself a cut, the fence isn't broken immediately. Because then there are excellent ways to minimize the damage. Let us list a few for you:

  • Dab an ice cube on the wound. With this you can stop the bleeding. Not only you but also blood vessels shrink from this cold touch.
  • Cold water is another way to stop bleeding, but it takes more time. And it doesn't always help either.
  • Make use of alum! This product seals the pores, disinfects the skin and stops bleeding immediately.

What is Alum?

Alum is an ancient, colorless (or white) mineral and a perfect alternative to an aftershave. It is an amalgamation of salt, potassium and aluminum sulfate that comes mainly from Asia Minor. Alum is so popular because it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Besides having a disinfecting effect, alum also stops bleeding from shaving wounds. Furthermore, this versatile remedy can be used to fight pimples and acne. Alum used to be an integral part of men's shaving ritual. After a period when it was used less, alum is fortunately very popular again today.

Of course, we have a collection of excellent alum in our collection. We have picked out 3 for you:

Osma Alum Steen

Osma - Alum Stone

Made of 100% natural crystal, this alum stone from Osma can be used as the ultimate aftershave and natural deodorant. Pores are sealed, skin disinfected and shaving wounds stop bleeding. Thanks to the pH-reducing properties of alum, bacteria have no chance of surviving under the armpits, preventing foul odors from developing during the day.

Muhle Aluin Pen

Mühle - Alum Pen

Alum Stone used to be the only aftershave in the world and is thus called the original aftershave. Formerly available only in blocks, nowadays also in a convenient format. The Mühle alum pen is therefore ideal to take with you on vacation. This alum pen soothes irritated skin after shaving, disinfects shaving wounds, seals pores and stops bleeding quickly and adequately.


Rockwell - Alum Sticks

You just have to have these as a classic wet shaver, the super handy Alum Sticks from Rockwell. 20 matches with alum for disinfecting and sealing shaving wounds. Ideal companion for vacation. Just tear off, wet and apply to your skin. Simple!

Of course, we assume that with the above instructions you will handle the razor like a musketeer in the bathroom so you won't cause any more damage. Should this still be the case we have provided you with enough tools to take care of the wound like a noble Nurse Nightingale.

Good luck maestro!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.