6 reasons why you should use a beard brush

6 redenen waarom je een baard borstel moet gebruiken

Everyone combs or brushes the hair on your head every day. This way it fits better, it is easier to care for and there are no more knots in the hair. But did you also know that men should brush their beards? Brushing the beard provides various benefits, which we will go through with you in this article. Did you know, for example, that it stimulates hair growth and provides more volume? Are you curious about even more benefits? Then read along with us.

What exactly is a beard brush?

Use a hair brush to brush your hair and use a beard brush for your beard. A beard brush actually has several functions. Besides the fact that it naturally makes your beard look better, you can also use it to distribute care products through the beard. In addition, a beard brush is quite stiff, but that is for a reason. This stimulates the skin, but more on this later. A beard brush is therefore an essential part of good beard care .

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Six benefits of using a beard brush

1 | Stimulates hair growth

By thoroughly brushing the beard daily, the skin is stimulated. This stimulates the hair follicles, which stimulates beard growth. The hair will therefore grow faster, but also become thicker and less fragile. If you brush the hairs in the same direction every day, the hairs will even grow in the same direction after a while. So you end up with a tighter beard.

2 | Scrub and against ingrown hairs

You've probably heard of a scrub; a thick liquid with granules that ensures that dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities are removed. A beard brush actually has this function too. The stiff bristles of the brush reach into the pores and take dead skin cells and dirt with them. Because this dirt is removed, you also suffer less from ingrown flakes and ingrown hairs. Only a new and living layer of skin remains that can absorb all the nutrients. It itches a lot less. The stiff bristles also promote blood flow to the underlying skin, so that the beard receives more nutrients through the blood.

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3 | Takes care of the hair

Hairs that are always tangled are more likely to be damaged. By brushing the beard hairs they stay beautiful longer. In addition, with a beard brush you can evenly apply special products for beard care. Think of beard oil , beard wax or beard balm . The brush ensures an even distribution, so that every hair can be well cared for. In addition, the bristles also reach deeper than you would apply the products with your fingers. As a result, the product also reaches the hair roots, so that they are also well cared for.

4 | Balances sebum production

You must know the problem; all flakes that are visible in your beard. This is also called beard dandruff. Beard dandruff consists of skin cells that have been overproduced, resulting in white flakes. Besides the fact that it doesn't look nice, it also itches a lot. Beard dandruff is the result of an overproduction of sebaceous glands. By thoroughly brushing the beard daily, you remove these flakes from the beard and you can ensure a balance in sebum production. This ensures less flakes and therefore less itching.

5 | Cleanses the beard

Every day visible and invisible dirt ends up in your beard. That's a fact you can't do anything about. However, it is important to clean this daily, for example to prevent inflammation. By brushing the beard well with a boar bristle beard brush (or pig bristle), you remove all the dirt that accumulates between the hairs. This ensures a nice clean beard that you can be proud of.

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6 | More volume

Not every man is blessed with thick hair that provides a beautiful voluminous beard. However, it can help by brushing your beard daily. you brush the hairs apart and by stimulating the hair follicles. Your beard will visibly get more volume.

Which beard brush is best?

Now that you know all the benefits a beard brush has to offer, do you want to buy a good beard brush, do you opt for a synthetic beard brush or one with boar bristles? Looking for the perfect brush, you will come across many in all shapes and sizes. We have already selected the 10 best for you! There is no wrong choice.

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