What does the growth of your beard depend on?

Waar hangt de groei van je baard van af?

Not everyone is blessed with a beautiful, thick, full beard. Some may take months, while in others you can almost see the hairs growing as you look at them. Is it fair? No. Is it mother nature? Yes. Fortunately, in the meantime, there are plenty of tips and tricks to give Mother Nature a little hand. In fact, in many cases it is possible to influence your beard growth in the right way, you just need to know how. That is why we will cover everything about beard growth today.


At what age does beard growth start? At the stroke of 00:00 on your 12th birthday. No, unfortunately it doesn't work that simply. It will be different for every man, which is why there is no easy answer.

Of course, everyone knows that during puberty hormones race through your body. During puberty, the first hairs already begin to grow in various places, including a budding mustache and/or beard. But make no mistake, a mature beard often doesn't grow until between the ages of 25 and 27. Also, there are some exceptions and you won't get your full beard growth until even later. Miracles are not yet out of the world, so don't give up!

Different factors that influence beard growth

Beard growth does not depend on a single factor. In fact, several factors can affect your beard growth (or lack thereof).


The most important factor on which your beard depends is the male hormone testosterone. Lots of testosterone means lots of hair growth and often equals full, thick beard growth. Testosterone not only causes beard growth itself, but also determines the length and thickness your beard can achieve.

Thick hair naturally also looks a lot fuller, so testosterone also affects the amount of bald spots in your beard. This is because when your beard is full enough, thick hairs will fall over bald spots, making bald spots impossible to see.

Hair follicles

For beard growth, you must also have enough hair follicles. These hair follicles must have receptors for testosterone to attach to them. It may be that these hair follicles or just the receptors are not present, so your testosterone cannot affect your hair growth.


The supply of nutrients is also a factor for good beard growth. This is because your beard hairs need these nutrients to grow nice and full and long. Various beard products, such as a good beard oil or beard butter, contain these nutrients. This will give your beard a better chance to become the best version of itself.

A doctor's visit

Before you give up on your beard once and for all, visit your doctor. In fact, your family doctor can go ahead and test for you what exactly it is that you are missing. It could be that you have less testosterone than other men, but it's also possible that your hair follicles or receptors can't capture the testosterone.

If it is the testosterone, there are several remedies your doctor can prescribe. Of course this is not necessary, because it is not exactly à la mother nature and you can easily do without a beard. But of course, we will present you with all the options.

A doctor's visit can also be seen in another way, namely the hair transplant doctor. Of course, this does not necessarily have to be done in Turkey, nowadays you also have many clinics in the Netherlands that do beard hair transplants.

Products that stimulate beard growth

We are just a little bit more fan of this solution. You don't have to start with brute force, sometimes a subtle change can make exactly the difference you're looking for. Several beard growth products have been proven to work.

Beard shampoo, beard soap and beard conditioner

We'll start with products that stimulate your beard growth anyway. You might not expect it, but a beard shampoo (or beard soap) and beard conditioner are essential for healthy beard growth. This is because when you wash your beard, you will remove dead skin cells and dirt from your skin and beard. The underlying skin can now breathe again and will be able to absorb healthy nutrients a lot better. These are essential for healthy beard growth.

Beard brush

A beard brush should be used daily and will encourage your beard to grow better. You brush out dirt and the feel of your brush on your skin will stimulate your hair follicles. Do this every day in combination with a good beard oil.

Beard oil

A beard oil is one of the most important beard products. Thus, a beard oil will not only make your beard shiny and healthy, but it will also stimulate your beard growth. A beard oil will make your beard hairs a lot thicker and, as a result, your beard will also quickly become fuller. The reason a beard oil stimulates your beard growth is because a beard oil intensely moisturizes and nourishes your beard and the underlying skin. These nutrients are necessary for healthy beard growth.

Beard serum

Many beard serums are specifically designed to promote beard growth. Blood flow is often stimulated by a beard serum which will make your hair follicles healthier and allow nutrients to be better processed. Always look for a beard serum that focuses on promoting beard growth.


You can also, of course, take supplements. For example, some people take hair supplements to stimulate their hair growth. These types of supplements contain various ingredients that can promote your hair-or beard-growth. Always pay attention to the following ingredients:

  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)
  • Silica (silicon)
  • Testosterone
  • Maca
  • L-arginine
  • Minoxidil
  • Redensyl

Be careful with certain supplements and don't swallow just anything! Want to take supplements for your beard growth? Then consult a doctor to make sure you're not taking the wrong supplements.

What if nothing works?

Have you tried everything but nothing is working? Then always remember that attitude makes the man, not the beard. All types of facial hair has its charm, so does the lack of facial hair. When you take good care of yourself and feel good about yourself, this will always be even more charming than any kind of facial hair. You can then proudly say that your character is stronger than your beard, and it will certainly show. When you say this with your head held high, a head held high is often worth more than a full beard.

If you still have questions about beard growth or beard growth products, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you with advice! We are happy when you are happy. You know where to find us.