5 tips to keep volume in your hair all day long

5 tips om de hele dag volume in je haar te houden

A lot of men these days like a lot of volume and texture in their hair. Unfortunately, not all of us have a thick afro and that volume sags a bit during the day. Your hairstyle becomes flat and it looks like you have less or thinner hair. It's very easy then to blame the styling product. Keeping volume in your hair all day long requires a bit more than just a good styling product.

Fortunately, it does not have to be so difficult to create volume in your hair. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your hair retains that volume all day. Follow our five tips for a voluminous hairstyle that lasts all day.

1: The right hairstyle

Of course, it all starts with the right hairstyle. If your hair is incredibly thick or extremely long, it will collapse no matter what. It is simply too heavy. You want a hairstyle where your hair is slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back. That way you quickly get a lifting effect. If your hair is really thick, you can thin it out a bit.

2: Pre-styling

What you do to your hair before you actually style it really makes a world of difference. Apply a grooming spray, foam or sea salt spray to wet or towel-dried hair and then go blow-dry it. Try to finish with the blow dryer on the coldest setting. Your hair cuticles will close, resulting in hair that lasts longer.

Our favorite pre styling products

pre styler voor volume in het haar

Byrd - Texturizing Surfspray

A very popular spray used by many men as a pre styler. It can actually be used in any type of hair. The Surfspray gives a lot of volume and extra hold and has a nice light scent of sea salt and coconut.

veel volume in het haar krijgen

Blind Barber - Sea Salt Spray

If you want to go for that extra matte texture then you should use a sea salt spray as a pre styler. This spray from Blind Barber is our best-selling hair spray. It contains many natural ingredients and has a lovely light scent of tonka bean.

haar mouse voor mannen

By Vilain - Sea Salt Foam

A foam that provides hair with nourishing ingredients in addition to volume. Furthermore, this sea salt foam provides lots of volume and texture with a matte finish.

3: Use the right product

There are so many different styling products you can use, which is why many men choose the wrong ones. Want volume? Then avoid products such as a pomade, gel or wax. These quickly make hair heavier and can make hair greasy. Choose products that contain clay. This can be a clay or a paste. These give the hair volume and texture.

Products for lots of volume

clay voor veel volume

Dauntless Modern Grooming - Matte Paste

This matte paste is made especially for people who like products with a lot of volume and texture. The matte paste has a medium to high hold and a beautiful natural matte look. It is specially designed with three different types of wax that will make sure your hairstyle stays in place all day.

Blumaan Ascend Volume Cream

BluMaan - Ascend Volume Cream

If you suffer from flat and thin hair with no volume, then this ascend volume cream from BluMaan is definitely worth a try! The cream has a special formula that gives your hair a boost of volume and thickens your hair.

Koop Arcadian matte paste

Arcadian - Matte Paste

This delicious product from Arcadian gives a bomb of volume and texture. The product is also made from natural ingredients.

4: Work in different layers

By several layers, we mean that you keep adding a little more product as needed. So you start with a very small fingertip of your styling product. If you add too much at once, your hair will sag right away. So you start with a small amount and distribute it well through the hair. From bottom to top. If necessary, use a comb to create extra volume. This way you can add a little bit at a time until you get the desired style.

5: Finish with a hairspray

Hair spray or hairspray is not a styling product but purely a finishing touch to secure your volume. Spray a little in your hand and gently sweep over the strands that stick out. This works perfectly to prevent protruding strands. Then spray gradually all over your hairstyle. Use a distance of at least 20 cm so it gets evenly on your hair. Again, do not spray too much because you will make your hair wet and too heavy.