This is how you protect your hair against the sun, sea and chlorine! 10 essential tips for this summer

Zo bescherm jij je haar tegen de zon, zee en chloor! 10 essentiële tips voor deze zomer

During the summer months, you precisely want to look as appetizing as possible. An important part of your appearance is of course your hairstyle. Especially during the summer months you prefer to have your hair in healthy condition.

But do you have any idea how many negative effects the sun can have on your hair? Just like the skin, the hair can be seriously damaged by the sun. That is why it is important that you know exactly how to protect your hair against sun, heat and humidity.

What factors affect the health of head hair?

  • Usually you are blessed with healthy hair almost all year round. But in the summer, things are usually a little different. The sun can dry it out to the core and make it feel lifeless and brittle. Because of the high humidity, it lies floored on your head and often can't get any life into it.
  • Dust and perspiration also put you at risk of split ends and dandruff. In severe cases, hair becomes thinner and may even fall out.
  • So hot summers can be a drain on your scalp. Especially if the skin gets sunburned. Drying out the scalp can also damage your hair roots with all the consequences.

The Alpha Men has therefore put together an action plan to protect your hairstyle!

Start your summer with a visit to the Barber

Step 1 to get your hairstyle summer ready starts at the Barber. During the summer, visit this hair specialist every 3 to 4 weeks to keep your hair in optimal condition. Think of it purely as preventive maintenance. The Barber can neatly cut and style the split ends again so that your hairstyle, especially in summer, remains strong and in excellent condition.

Avoid chemical hair treatments

It is absolutely not recommended to dye your hair or have it treated with other chemicals during the summer. This will dry out your hair even more, increasing the risk of damage from the sun, sea and chlorine. So dye your hair only about 2 months before summer starts and not during this hot period.

Use conditioner or other products to nourish the hair

A nourishing conditioner is important when it comes to dry and damaged hair. Just make sure you buy a product that suits your hair type and its texture. Hair masks, leave-in sprays or leave- in conditioners also help nourish and protect the hair (roots). These products are especially suitable in summer because they contain oils (nourishment and shine), UV filters (protection for head and hair from Uv rays), silicones (water and chemical repellent), glycerin (maintains hair moisture levels) and antioxidants (protect and repair hair cells).

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Be economical with shampoo

It is unwise to wash your hair with shampoo every day. This is because it drains the necessary oils and fats from the hair. Therefore, on days when you do not use shampoo, it is better to wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. If your hair still feels greasy then a mild shampoo is recommended to use. Try to focus on cleaning the scalp rather than the hair itself.

Leave your hair dryer alone

In the summer, your hair is already subjected to a lot of heat and you should not use a hair dryer. This will damage your hair even more. Preferably let your hair air dry because then it simply stays in better condition and you won't damage its structure.

Wear a hat or cap

Hats or caps, of good quality, provide optimal protection. A trendy hat may feel more comfortable than a cap. In fact, the latter headgear can make the scalp sweat more easily and the material may even pinch the head slightly. A good quality hat is comfortable, protects the scalp and hair from those harmful UV and sun rays. Besides the fact that a Panama hat can look very fashionable. Just to give an example.

Rinse your hair before and after swimming

Before taking a dip in a pool or the ocean, rinse your hair thoroughly with water. This will help your hair absorb the healthy water and have less tendency to absorb seawater, water with chlorine or other chemicals.

Repeat this exercise when you have left the swimming water again. After you have rinsed the chlorinated or salty water out of your hair, and do not go swimming again, it is advisable to massage a leave-in conditioner into your hair. This actually restores the moisture balance in your hair. This is because in addition to discoloration, chlorine also removes moisture from the hair.

Use a coarse comb

To prevent possible damage to your hair after a long summer day at the waterfront, it is better to brush or comb your hair with a comb equipped with wide teeth. This will safely remove any tangles or illegalities from the hair and prevent the fragile hair from breaking.

Pamper your hair with a serum or hair mask

Not only your face but also your hair can be pampered with a serum or hair mask so that during the night your sun, chlorine or sea salt ravaged hair can regain its strength. With a leave-in conditioner, as mentioned above, you nourish your hair to the root. Before going to bed, massage this conditioner robustly into the hair, wrap it in a towel and keep it on all night. The following morning you will notice that your hair is shiny and soft again!

Tips & Tricks to better protect yourself. Always. Make you happy. And your hairstyle certainly does. From now on it will be very pleasant and much safer.


Your friends, The Alpha Men.