This way you get a killer summer tan without damaging your skin

Zo krijg je een killer zomer kleurtje zonder je huid te beschadigen

Summer has arrived and the blood-hot months are here again. Hopefully you can finally get back to a 'Riviera' where, preferably by the sea, you can sprawl out on a lounger roasting in the sun. Of course, in the absence of Costa, you can also grow a 'healthy' tan at home in the garden or on the balcony. Cocktail within reach. Spotify on the earbuds.

That works. And especially if you look at the summers of recent years, we have nothing to complain about here in the Benelux, in terms of tropical temperatures. But 'baking' is not without its dangers. UV radiation, as you probably know, has a lot of impact on your (unprotected) skin.

Without proper preparation, your sensitive bark can get damaged and that makes sunbathing a dangerous exercise. When you make the risky decision not to use (preventive) sun protection, you run the risk of contracting skin diseases, and in the worst case, skin cancer.

With this knowledge, it is just a little less comfortable on an air mattress. So lounging under the copper plume is heavenly, but we have to take radiation very seriously.

Let us Alpha's accompany you on a trip to serve & protect your skin .

Prepare your skin for the sun's rays

In addition to the above advice, it is also advisable to smear yourself with an excellent vitamin C serum. Such a serum increases your skin's resilience and keeps free radicals at a safe distance. An excellent, and widely sold vitamin C serum by us, is Medik8 C-Tetra. This serum is rich in antioxidants provided by the necessary vitamins C and E.

Get to know Medik8 C-Tetra directly

Medik8 C-Tetra

When summer arrives and the sun shines frequently, it is wise not to expose your skin to it all day. Not only yourself, but especially your delicate armor needs time to adapt to the summer weather. So don't go all-out Baywatcher with the first rays of sunlight!

Taking supplements

If you plan to heroically brave the sun's rays during your summer vacation, an excellent plan is to look into supplements that contain beta carotene, selenium, lycopene and vitamin E.

These substances enable your skin to better resist the bright glare as well as tan faster. Beta carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A. This substance ensures that the skin is in a healthy condition and also stimulates the production of melanin, which in turn ensures that you get a nice tan.

In addition, this substance also has a supporting function for the eyes, stimulates cell renewal and boosts the health of the organs. Beta carotene is also found in various vegetables such as spinach, carrots and green peas. More on that in a moment.

In addition to the beta carotene just mentioned, it is also advisable to take supplements containing lycopene, vitamin E and selenium. These substances are an important part of the resilience and resilience of your skin.

For example, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is mainly stored in the skin. It protects against free radicals and to retain moisture. Selenium actually enhances the antioxidant properties of vitamin E (as well as supporting your immune and thyroid systems) and protects your cells from harmful external effects. It also promotes radiant skin.

Vegetables, fruits & herbs

In addition to taking the above supplements, it is of course important to keep eating healthy. In particular, consume as many vegetables as possible. The previously mentioned carrots, peas and spinach are important building blocks to get and keep the skin in shape.

But broccoli, endive, cabbage and celery also have beta-carotene inside and contribute to natural resilience! Tangerines and mangoes are the same allies and when it comes to garden herbs, it is important to include plenty of chives, chervil, cress and parsley in your diet.

Your skin will thank you for it! Wrinkles, on the other hand, won't. But you probably don't mind that.

Stop using various skin care products

During the summer months, it is wise to be careful with skin products with which, during the fall and winter period, you normally maintain your skin. The so-called, crystals to remove dead skin cells.

Therefore, we advise you, for example, not to chemically exfoliate or peel your skin during this season. Exfoliating by hand is a much safer alternative. But do use scrubs without AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and vitamin A. This is because it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Products with BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acid), on the other hand, can't hurt because they have a protective effect against sunlight. Scrub in the evening rather than during the day so your skin can recover during the night. This way you can safely remove dead skin cells and also maintain your tan.

Using products containing AHAs 24 hours before sunbathing increases the risk of UV and DNA damage. So be careful not to use "spreads" that contain ex foliants such as glycolic and salicylic acids (AHAs and BHAs) and/or vitamin A (retinol). Also, anti-aging and night cream products with retinol make the skin extra sensitive to sunlight and we recommend that you prefer not to use them at all or very little during the summer.

Drink plenty of water!

It is extremely tempting to frequently consume beer or other alcoholic snacks while sunbathing. However, water is the best option to get through the day in good (skin) condition. So hydrate! Aqua is your cooling liquid protection when you are active in the sun.

Or lazily bivouacking in a beach chair. Because: dehydration can very easily occur. In that case, your skin's defenses decrease and cellular damage can occur.

This can result in hyperpigmentation (sun spots, freckles or scars), uneven discoloration or burning of the skin. So make sure you always have a bottle or water bottle with you and you can easily refill it "somewhere" so you can take in fresh aqua every hour!

Use excellent sun protection

You already saw this one coming. Salve Protection! It's really important that when you're out in the sun a lot that you use high-quality sunscreen. And we also recommend that you apply it regularly during such a hot day. Or powder.

Always use a sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Burn Protection). By the way, on hot days when it's cloudy and you're outside a lot, there is still UV radiation and thus a wise idea to regularly rub the exposed skin with the right sunscreen.

Of course, we at The Alpha Men have some sublime sunscreen protectors as well as caregivers on our shelves. High-quality protection to get you through the summer as safely as possible. Without you having to spend the same evening and night with a 99 cucumber slices on red burnt skin. Meet some phenomenal SPF products from our range below.

En garde!

Sun protection for your body

Salt & Stone SPF30 Sunscreen Lotion

Salt &a Stone SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion

This sunscreen from Salt & Stone deeply hydrates and restores skin thanks to minerals for the face and body. The cream contains Non-Nano Zinc Oxide that reflects UVA and UVB rays. This promotes younger looking skin and help prevent premature aging.

Seventyone Percent Eco Sunspray Invisible SPF50+

SeventyOne Percent Eco Sunspray Invisible SPF 50+

This Eco Sun Spray from SeventyOne Percent is the perfect sunscreen when you take the whole family to the beach. The spray does not sting your eyes, does not drip, does not leave white marks and can even be applied to wet skin without losing its protective power while swimming.

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50

Protection 50 Sport SPF50 from Dermalogica is a broad-spectrum sun protection product. It protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Oleosome Technology helps improve SPF performance and combats moisture loss caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Sun protection for your face

The Grey Daily Face Protect SPF50+

The Grey Daily Face Protect SPF 50+

This Daily Face Protect SPF50 from The Grey protects your face from a broad spectrum of sun damage. The Daily Face Protect has an ultra-light formula that is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no shine or residue.

Susan Posnick Brush On Block Sunscreen SPF30

Susan Posnick Brush On Block Sunscreen SPF 30

Susan Posnick's Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen is a powdered sunscreen. Ideal for bald men, this sunscreen prevents a shiny bald head. The sunscreen is made from natural ingredients which makes it suitable for all skin types.

Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF50

Triumph & Disaster Sunscreen No Dice SPF 50

Protect your face from UVA, UVB rays with this sunscreen from Triumph & Disaster. The sunscreen is 87% natural and fully complies with global SPF and broad spectrum testing standards. The benefit of No Dice is that it absorbs quickly and leaves no white glow or greasy feeling.

Post-sun care with Aftersun

Seventyone Percent Aftersun Feel Good

SeventyOne Percent Aftersun - Feel Good

Been in the sun a little too long? Then use this aftersun from SeventyOne Percent to restore and moisturize your skin. The aftersun consists of 99% natural ingredients including many active ingredients that provide exceptional skin care.

Doers of London Body Lotion

Doers Of London Body Lotion

This body lotion from Doers of London consists of multiple anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and properly care for the skin. The lotion also features a natural astringent antioxidant that balances the skin and contains Helenaline which reduces any muscle pain and helps relax a stiff body. All in all, this provides nourished, protected skin as well as a relaxing feeling.

Dermalogica Active Moist

Dermalogica Active Moist

This oil-free, lightweight moisturizer is suitable for combination to oily skin. The easy-to-apply emulsion contains silk amino acids and various plant extracts such as lemon and cucumber that hydrate the skin and refine pores. It is also free of synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Last important tip!

Make sure you don't spend more than 2-3 hours in the sun. That is really the maximum. Baking in the sun longer is pointless, because after this time your body will stop producing melanin, which means you won't tan. However, the chances of skin damage only increase.

On behalf of The Alphamen, we wish you an excellent and safe summer!